La Cartuja, option to host the next 4 Cup finals

first_imgThe Junta de Andalucía wants the La Cartuja stadium to host the next four finals of the Copa del Rey. This was expressed by Javier Imbroda, currently a Minister of Education and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía, which insisted that the Hispanic scenario will be in conflict with the Wanda Metropolitano for those appointments of 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. In this way, that request was already transferred to the own Spanish Federation, according to the counselor and picks up the agency EFE. Remember that currently the stadium of La Cartuja is in disuse and that route would be another incentive for the improvement of the facilities, which already hosted major sporting events in previous years. In addition to that, Imbroda affected that the stadium of La Rosaleda could be the scene of the Queen’s Cup finals, emphasizing his desire that Andalusia be a protagonist in these competitions in the coming years.Benito Villamarín Stadium was the scene last year of the Copa del Rey final and Seville could repeat as the venue for the next appointments if the Federation considers it appropriate. The Andalusian councilor, who reported this during his balance of the first year in the management of his department, did not hesitate to highlight that all parties should agree to be the La Cartuja stadium owned by three different institutions, although they are not expected setbacks in that regard.last_img read more

Marcelo accepts a fine of € 105,000 for driving without points

first_imgThe events date back to 11:00 hours on December 19 when the Civil Guard stopped the vehicle that Marcelo was driving at the height of PK 5,900, belonging to the municipality of Alcobendas, after they saw him commit a traffic violation. At that precise moment, the agents verified that the defendant had previously lost the validity of his driving license since the points assigned by regulation had already been withdrawn. Marcelo appeared on Thursday morning in the Alcobendas Courts and pleaded guilty to a crime against road safety, accepting a 10-month penalty with a daily fee of 350 euros, 105,000 euros in total, after the previous agreement that his lawyers closed with the Prosecutor’s Office.last_img

The Fuenla will donate mobile phones to help Covid-19 patients

first_imgThe Fuenlabrada this morning announced an initiative in collaboration with the University Hospital of Fuenlabrada with which it intends for the citizens of the town to collaborate by donating mobiles that they do not use (also their chargers), but that still work to send it to patients who are admitted due to the Covid-19 coronavirus and, in this way, they can communicate with their loved ones. “There are hundreds of admitted and not all of them have a phone number to contact their relatives. Especially the case of the elderly and children”, explains the club in a statement in which it also explains the requirements to collect these phones. The period opens at 3:00 p.m. and, to prevent citizens from taking to the streets, each interested party should send an email to indicating your address, as well as your name, surname and telephone. The limit will be Monday 23 at 14:00. Once all the inscriptions are produced, all mobiles will be collected already on Tuesday 24 door by door in order to minimize risks and follow the advice of the authorities. The club has also announced that it will donate all the medical material it has to the Fuenlabrada Hospital and did not want to miss the opportunity to send a message of strength “to those affected by the virus, as well as our thanks to all health professionals and the rest of the sectors that are working tirelessly in these difficult moments. Everything will turn out well! “last_img read more

Bale: your most negotiating side

first_imgBale’s image in Wales is very different from that of Real Madrid, closer to apathy and coldness than commitment. In each FIFA break, a player has been seen to be much more involved with his team than with the white club. That raised suspicion at the Bernabéu and also controversy. His last appearance with the Welsh team lit a wick that has not been extinguished. After qualifying to play the final phase of the Eurocup, he jumped with happiness with a banner that put “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order” (Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order “), something that unnerved white fans. The Bernabéu greeted him with a loud whistle when jumping onto the field in the next game, on November 23, in the match that Madrid beat Real Sociedad (3-1). His relationship with the Bernabéu stands has been a roller coaster and his image has been changing its price until reaching the red numbers. Now, he is back on the exit ramp … Nothing to do with the aura that Bale has in his country. Leader of his team, involved in the field and committed to the offices to help his colleagues. If the Real Madrid dressing room baptized Gareth Bale as The Golfer (The Golfer) For his unbridled passion for the sport, in Wales he might well be known as The Negotiator. Because the Real Madrid player is in charge, along with Chris Gunter, of negotiate with the Welsh Federation the bonuses players receive for each victory.Giggs’ men will be at the Eurocup which, due to the coronavirus crisis, will be held next year and, in principle, the premiums negotiated by the madridista will remain, who in his team is a committed leader. With the team and with his teammates. This was revealed by Gunter himself, in statements reproduced by The Sun: “It all started with me, Ashley Williams, Bale and Ramsey. We needed to have a conversation about this. Williams was sitting, watching the world go by, relaxed, without getting involved. Ramsey the same. So we were Bale and I who were fighting and discussing every little point. “Bale showed his most ‘combative’ side in order to scratch off the biggest prize for the Welsh dressing room: “Members of the Welsh federation are not difficult to deal with, but Bale and I will fight for the boys if there is anything that needs to be resolved. To be fair to Bale, he is fighting for an extra bonus for each team victory, but he doesn’t need any more money to win. He needs to get more credit. But he is still fighting for the rest of us, to try to win a decent amount of money in this game. ”last_img read more

Cervera’s initial team has only coincided in two games

first_imgIza2,782 Salvi2,097 Perea1,840 graceful1,798 Alex2,737 Cifuentes2,635 Lush1,734 Creek1,800 Fali1,957center_img José Mari1,528 Both in the meeting of the first round, in the Romareda; like in the second one, in the CarranzaÁlvaro was able to put his gala elevenwhat is he composed by: Cifuentes; Iza, Cala, Fali, Espino; Garrido, José Mari; Salvi, Álex, Perea; and Choco Lozano. In the match of the 10th matchday in Zaragoza, the yellows prevailed clearly 0-2, with goals from Choco Lozano and Nano; while in the Cádiz party, the result was 1-1, with a goal from Álex Fernández in the last minutes of the game that served to add a valuable point. Theoretical eleven headlines have never coincided again so far this season. Cádiz players with the most minutes PlayerMinutes Espino2,540 The initial eleven of Cádiz is recited from memory. Any yellow fan would know how to tell the team that Álvaro Cervera would line up in the event that they had not been penalized or injured, which unfortunately has been a constant during the 31 days that have been disputed. This team matches the most used players, however, as incredible as it seems these eleven players have only met on the field in two games. Curiously both against Zaragoza. Sanctions and especially the lesions have ravaged the Cervera’s team, which has had to supply the numerous losses with other players. Of the eleven, only Iza and Álex have been present in the 31 league games, followed by Cifuentes (at 30) and Espino (29). As of the Uruguayan, the remaining seven have lost at least five games. José Mari is the one who has had the most absences. Almost two months were lost due to a clavicular acromio dislocation in his left shoulder, produced against Fuenlabrada, which caused him to undergo operating room.Nonetheless it the broad template that has Álvaro Cervera has allowed the yellow club stay on top from the table. All players have had their opportunities. Iván Alejo, Edu Ramos and Marcos Mauro are the ones who have entered Álvaro Cervera’s line-ups the most times, out of the eleven most used players. All three have started at the beginning in ten games. Nano and the youth squad Sergio González have also had a great presence; and even the three winter signings they had their options before the stop due to the coronavirus. Pombo, Álvaro Giménez and Mabasic enjoyed minutes in four games.last_img read more

Silva is left without tribute

first_imgThe canary, who would have offers to return to the UD Las Palmas or even to play in the Inter Miami from David Beckham, He has been on the team for ten years and in England many consider him to be the best footballer the club has ever had. (they compare him to Colin Bell)Since City hasn’t had many cracks that have stayed there that long and accomplished so many things at once. And despite the fact that the fans strongly request that the Spaniard renew for another season with the team he leads Pep Guardiola to be able to fire him as he deserves, Mirror ensures that The player has not had any contact with the board to extend his stay in England.Silva was already on the roster the first time they managed to qualify for the Champions League, and while winning two Euro Cups and one World Cup with Spain, he has won 14 titles with City, including four Premier League trophies. During your stay at UK, He has played 424 matches, has scored 74 goals, has distributed 137 assists and has offered exemplary behavior, since in ten years at the club he has not seen any red cards. Some numbers worthy of an idol for him Etihad Stadium.In any case, it is certain that other ways will be sought to pay homage to them, as they did to Joe Hart, Pablo Zabaleta, Yaya Touré or Vincent Kompany. With the farewell of the Belgian, who already warned that the next time would be the turn of the canary, the stadium welcomed 52,000 spectators and the proceeds went to the homeless of Manchester. David Silva ends his contract with Manchester City this season and the club planned to pay tribute to him next May 17 against Norwich City, but the match will not be disputed by the coronavirus and if the Premier League in time, the match was most likely to be held behind closed doors. Premier League* Data updated as of April 6, 2020 twenty-onelast_img read more