Cervera’s initial team has only coincided in two games

first_imgIza2,782 Salvi2,097 Perea1,840 graceful1,798 Alex2,737 Cifuentes2,635 Lush1,734 Creek1,800 Fali1,957center_img José Mari1,528 Both in the meeting of the first round, in the Romareda; like in the second one, in the CarranzaÁlvaro was able to put his gala elevenwhat is he composed by: Cifuentes; Iza, Cala, Fali, Espino; Garrido, José Mari; Salvi, Álex, Perea; and Choco Lozano. In the match of the 10th matchday in Zaragoza, the yellows prevailed clearly 0-2, with goals from Choco Lozano and Nano; while in the Cádiz party, the result was 1-1, with a goal from Álex Fernández in the last minutes of the game that served to add a valuable point. Theoretical eleven headlines have never coincided again so far this season. Cádiz players with the most minutes PlayerMinutes Espino2,540 The initial eleven of Cádiz is recited from memory. Any yellow fan would know how to tell the team that Álvaro Cervera would line up in the event that they had not been penalized or injured, which unfortunately has been a constant during the 31 days that have been disputed. This team matches the most used players, however, as incredible as it seems these eleven players have only met on the field in two games. Curiously both against Zaragoza. Sanctions and especially the lesions have ravaged the Cervera’s team, which has had to supply the numerous losses with other players. Of the eleven, only Iza and Álex have been present in the 31 league games, followed by Cifuentes (at 30) and Espino (29). As of the Uruguayan, the remaining seven have lost at least five games. José Mari is the one who has had the most absences. Almost two months were lost due to a clavicular acromio dislocation in his left shoulder, produced against Fuenlabrada, which caused him to undergo operating room.Nonetheless it the broad template that has Álvaro Cervera has allowed the yellow club stay on top from the table. All players have had their opportunities. Iván Alejo, Edu Ramos and Marcos Mauro are the ones who have entered Álvaro Cervera’s line-ups the most times, out of the eleven most used players. All three have started at the beginning in ten games. Nano and the youth squad Sergio González have also had a great presence; and even the three winter signings they had their options before the stop due to the coronavirus. Pombo, Álvaro Giménez and Mabasic enjoyed minutes in four games.last_img read more