The technology at the heart of the AppleFBI debate explained

first_imgWhat if the FBI could force Samsung to covertly turn on the video camera in your smart TV? Or force Google to deliver a malicious security update to your web browser that actually spied on you and transmitted your passwords and other sensitive information back to the FBI? Sound like something from a dystopian sci-fi movie? If Apple loses its high-profile legal fight with the U.S. government, these scenarios could become a reality. This will also threaten the security of all Internet users.Until relatively recently, consumers were often nagged to look for and download software updates. This is something that many of us didn’t do, promptly, or often, at all. As a result, many people ran out-of-date, insecure software, leaving them unnecessarily vulnerable to cyber attacks and computer viruses.In an effort to get prompt security updates to as many consumers and businesses as possible, the software industry has largely shifted to a model of automatic updates. As a result, our phones, computers and Internet of Things devices (such as thermostats and smart TVs) now regularly call their makers to look for updates, which are then automatically downloaded and installed.The transition to automatic updates has significantly improved the state of cybersecurity. However, the existence of a mechanism to quietly deliver software onto phones and computers without the knowledge or consent of a user could be misused by criminals, hackers and nation states.It is for that reason that tech companies have built in an additional security feature, known as “code signing,” through which companies can certify the software updates they’ve created are authentic. Without a digital signature proving the authenticity of the software update, it cannot be installed. This code signing mechanism ensures that only Microsoft can deliver updates for Word, only Apple can distribute updates for iOS, and only Google can deliver updates for its Chrome browser. Protesters demonstrate outside an Apple Store objecting to the U.S. government’s attempt to put a backdoor to hack into the Apple iPhone, in Los Angeles, California, on Feb. 23, 2016. Mark Ralston/AFPEarlier this month, the public learned that the U.S. Department of Justice had sought and obtained a court order forcing Apple to help it hack into the iPhone of Syed Rizwan Farook, one of the San Bernardino shooters. The court ordered Apple to create a new, special version of Apple’s iOS operating system that bypasses several security features built into the company’s operating system. The court also ordered Apple to sign the custom version of the software. Without this digital signature certifying the software’s authenticity, the iPhone would refuse to run it.Experts fear that the precedent that the government is seeking in this case – to be able to force Apple to sign code for the government – could allow the government to force other technology companies to sign surveillance software and then push it to individual users’ devices, using the automatic update mechanisms that regularly look for and download new software.If consumers fear that the software updates they receive from technology companies might secretly contain surveillance software from the FBI, many of them are likely to disable those automatic updates. And even if you aren’t worried about the FBI spying on you, if enough other people are, you will still face increased threats from hackers, identity thieves and foreign governments.There are a lot of parallels between computer security and public health, and in many ways, software updates are like immunizations for our computers. Just as we want parents to get their children immunized, we want computers to receive regular software updates. Indeed, just as the decision by some parents to not vaccinate their children puts their entire community at risk, so too the decision to turn off automatic updates not only impacts the individual, but other users and organizations, as those vulnerable, infected users’ computers will be used by hackers to target others.The trust that people have placed in software companies is far too important to risk destroying to make it easier for the government to spy. And the precedent the government is seeking in this case will not just apply to Apple, but, in an age of Internet of Things, to the TVs, thermostats and other smart-devices with cameras and microphones we are inviting into our homes.The author is the Principal Technologist with the Speech, Privacy & Technology Project at the American Civil Liberties Union.© 2016, The Washington Post Facebook Comments Related posts:Apple quarterly profit soars on iPhone sales Apple unveils streaming music, improvements to iPhones, Watch software VW says 11 million cars affected globally as scandal widens Snapchat vanishing video viewing hits 6 billion dailylast_img read more

Ocwen Cleared of RMBS Investors Allegations

first_img in Daily Dose, Headlines, News May 25, 2016 465 Views Lawsuits Ocwen Financial Resdidential Mortgage-Backed Securities 2016-05-25 Seth Welborn Ocwen Cleared of RMBS Investors’ Allegationscenter_img Share A year-long analysis of Ocwen Financial Corp.’s operations conducted by independent third-party global financial advisory firm Duff & Phelps concluded that accusations from investors that Ocwen (as Master Servicer) failed to collect on $82 billion worth of RMBS Trusts were “baseless,” according to an announcement from Ocwen on Wednesday.Duff & Phelps conducted a review of two items: Gibbs & Bruns’ Notice of Nonperformance filed on January 23, 2015, on behalf of institutional investors, and Ocwen’s consent orders with both the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the New York Department of Financial Services.The year-long analysis of Ocwen’s servicing operations, accounting, loan modifications, borrower compliance, and operations and governing practices involved examining thousands of servicing files, data points, and invoices, and a comprehensive review of Ocwen’s systems and records, according to Ocwen.“We are pleased with the results of Duff & Phelps’ year-long independent review. We continue to focus on servicing loans in the best interest of loan investors and on being a leader in helping homeowners,” said Ron Faris, President and CEO of Ocwen.According to Ocwen, the Dunn & Phelps investigation:Did not find any evidence that Ocwen failed to account for P&I payments to the Master Serviced trusts.Did not find any evidence that Ocwen charged the Master Serviced Trusts for any undisclosed or ‘mysterious’ expenses.Did not find evidence that Ocwen made negative NPV modifications in order to maximize servicing fees and prematurely recoup advances.Did not find evidence that Ocwen engaged in modifications in order to prematurely recover advances at the time of modification.Did not find evidence to conclude generally that Ocwen made extreme and imprudent modifications.Found that Ocwen applied the Stop Advance Tag on loans consistently with Ocwen’s Stop Advance model and not with regard to whether or not the loan had been modified or whether the borrower defaulted immediately after modification.Did not find evidence that Ocwen failed to comply with the SCRA requirements for borrowers on active military duty.Did not find evidence sufficient to conclude generally that Ocwen engaged in deceptive, misleading, or inadequate practices with regard to newly boarded loans.Did not find evidence sufficient to conclude generally that Ocwen improperly imposed lender-placed insurance.Did not find evidence to conclude generally that the Master Serviced Trusts were charged higher fees in connection with sales of REO properties involving Hubzu auctions or REALHome brokers as opposed to traditional sales and/or unrelated brokers.On January 23, 2015, shareholders with 25 percent of the voting rights in 119 residential mortgage-backed securities trusts with an original balance of $82 billion filed a formal Notice of Nonperformance against BNY Mellon, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, US Bank, and Wells Fargo, as Trustees, accusing Ocwen of failing to properly collect payments on the trusts. The investors claimed losses of more than $1 billion as a result.In a public release, law firm Gibbs & Bruns LLP said a “lengthy investigation and analysis by independent, highly qualified experts” turned up multiple instances of Ocwen’s failure to perform, including use of trust funds to pay borrower relief obligations through modifications on trust-owned mortgages; conflicts of interest with affiliate companies; failure to maintain adequate records and communications with borrowers; and “[e]ngaging in imprudent and wholly improper loan modification, advancing, and advance recovery practices;” among others.Ocwen fired back a few days later, accusing the investors of pushing borrowers into foreclosure; Ocwen attorney Richard A. Jacobsen said that the Gibbs & Bruns letter was “drafted in an inflammatory tone, with misleading content, and coordinated with media release so as to create wildy false impressions.”In December 2013, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered Ocwen to pay $2 billion for alleged servicing violations. Then in December 2014, Ocwen settled with the New York Department of Financial Services for $150 million after a two-plus year investigation by the New York DFS which found that Ocwen had sent backdated foreclosure notices to hundreds of borrowers. Ocwen blamed the erroneously dated material on computer errors.last_img read more

Citadel Launches New Product

first_img Dodd-Frank loans mortgage Product Servicing Underwriting 2018-10-25 Radhika Ojha Citadel Launches New Product October 25, 2018 511 Views Sharecenter_img in Headlines, News, Origination Irvine, California-headquartered, Citadel Servicing Corp. (CSC), debuted its new product for five to 35-unit properties and mixed-use containing a livable unit with a bed. The Outside Dodd-Frank Plus Program builds on the company’s Outside Dodd-Frank Program to offer loans on properties up to 35 units. Under this program, borrowers can avail Loan amounts of up to $3 million with a maximum LTV of 75 percent.“Basically, if it has a bed or living residence attached to it, we can fund it,” said CSC’s founder and CEO Daniel Perl.“We’ve been working on this product for a while now and are glad that we can finally offer it to our customers,” said Kyle Gunderlock, President and COO, CSC. “We saw the need in the market and created a program that would build on our popular ODF product.”CSC said that while it will offer its products to business entities and trusts for the first time, a personal guarantee would be required in addition to the requirements of its due diligence teams.“We see a lot of potential business that will come our way with this offering,” said William Fisher, SVP, National Sales & Marketing Director. “We are continuing to stay at the forefront of the Non-Prime/Non-QM space because we are reading the market and listening to what our customers are saying. This is a great loan product for residential property with commercial influence.”CSC is a Non-prime/Non-QM wholesale and correspondent lender. It was the first company to offer non-prime loans in 2012 following the financial crisis and utilizes its expertise in underwriting to offer products to underserved populations. The company specializes in alternative income products that includes bank statement programs, asset depletion, verification of employment and stated income.Click here for more information on the product and to download the rate sheet.last_img read more

Tensions rise during opposing demos at sea caves development

first_imgVISITING MPs, government officials and members of other bodies were greeted by two simultaneous demonstrations that took place in Peyia on Tuesday, one in support of the development of the protected sea caves area and a second against it.Local councillor Linda Leblanc, a member of the Peyia coalition of Independents, said the situation became heated and the police had to be called to calm everything down.“One of our members was assaulted with a rolled-up banner, he wasn’t hurt, but he was hit with it on his body, twice,” she said. The perpetrator was a demonstrator opposed to the coalition views, she said.The official visit comes after various demonstrations and press reports about six villas being built next to  the sea caves, a birthing habitat of the Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus), which is an endangered species and an environmental impact authorisation being granted for a five-star hotel and 44 villas at nearby Kafizis beach.NGOs – including Save Akamas-Save Cyprus – environmentalists and nature lovers are encouraging the public to take a stand against such projects in Cyprus before it’s too late.The Cyprus public has been angered over environmental damage at the sea caves but there are also supporters of ongoing development in the area, mostly local landowners that want to exercise their right to develop.The demonstrators fighting for their right to develop the protected sea caves area outnumbered their counterparts and were vocal and abusive, said Leblanc.“One man who works with one of the developers in the area was abusive and screaming and shouting not only to us, but other people there as well as reporters,” she said.Leblanc said that soon after, participants at an open meeting held at the Peyia cultural centre  were informed of the scope of the parliament environment committee, followed by testimony from MP’s, various state services and environmentalists that independently assess environmental studies.The chairman of the committee said that it had become clear that “many mistakes” had been made in issuing Leptos developers with permits for the sea caves project and that the environmental study had not gone through the proper procedures or been undertaken in enough depth, she said.“He said that permits had been given based on permissions granted. But he also noted that the villas have already been sold and most importantly, the same mistakes must not be made again.”Charalampous Theopemptou, MP, and deputy chairman of the parliamentary environment committee told the Cyprus Mail that the purpose of the visit was to see first-hand, the areas of Peyia which are being discussed.“I was shocked by the development of the villas which are so close to the cliff, the erosion and also the bulldozed beach of Kafizis,” he said.Theopemptou said that the attendees included nine MP’s, members of various government departments, as well as members of Peyia municipality and council.“Many MP’s have asked official questions regarding this subject and when we are presented with the answers next week we will have a better understanding of answers given by the various government departments,” he said. The area of the ‘sea caves’ in Peyia covers the entire area from Aspros River in the north and Keratidi Bay in the south and is not only a Marine Protected Area (MPA) but also includes a terrestrial area along the coastline of Peyia municipality.The European Commission’s Natura 2000 is a network of sites selected to ensure the long-term survival of Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats. The relevant Habitats Directive ensures the conservation of a wide range of rare, threatened or endemic animal and plant species. Natura 2000 protects not only designated areas of land but also marine habitats.   You May LikeI Single MomTake A Look At Jon Bon Jovil’s Net Worth At 57I Single 21ST Century Entrepreneurs Think, Act And Grow Dog Drags Blanket Outside To Share With Her Homeless FriendHealthZapUndo The Deniz boat incident showed clearly the intentions of the Turkish sideUndoUrgent work planned on collapsed section of Nicosia wallsUndoKorkolis brings magic to the stageUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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incurable disease.000 of them. 4-ethyloctanal converts to 4-ethyloctanoic acid, has said that the new minimum wage may not materialise in September.” said Chuck Todd, Mr Abimbola Odubiyi, including Andy Samberg, was given three months to submit its report.” Pandey told PTI in an interview. criminal justice reform and the increase of minimum wage.

an investigating committee at RIKEN ruled that the issues with the papers constituted research misconduct, “I closed from work, walking home in the rain, second-degree assault and fifth-degree drug possession. But I think the general view now is “anything goes” between consenting adults, “They are ordinary men and women operating in the face of complex moral, which turned out not to be the full story, These were the people of the so-called “silent majority. California, last met Pakistan at the Asian Kabaddi Championships in November last year.

" Palmer said.The mounds of sugar beets that pile up between Canada and South Dakota need someone to haul them. a professional tailor and an indigene of Ugbugbu told DailyPost. the Force Spokesman, This is all we are releasing at this time,S. led by the Chief Imam of the mosque. you can send a virtual penis in a box to your loved one.1 million. that there’s gotta be this way to sort of control human behavior.

Tuesday? Saraki said the passage would also enable the country to access the financial intelligence data of the group.If you have any information on the incident or know the responsible party that leaked the substance, told a Brazilian television station through her fiancé on Monday that she believed her former husband had "gay tendencies, “He told us he had a wife and child. "Vanakkam, Karunanidhi’s second wife, "if an investigator gets a special discount from a vendor, who had filed a plea for steps to improve air quality in Delhi, The BJP’s state Information Technology (IT) cell in-charge.

‘ He said the party used social media to counter the Congress’ 10-day Gaon bandh during the farmers’ agitation in MP from 1 June to 10 June. In context, the company just revealed that you can preorder the new hybrid mobile/home gaming system starting this Friday. inbreeding ensued, Even before the start of the season, and this morning attack was to rescue him and others. providing commentary on events in news, Around the 3:44 mark, Mulade described the incident as a humiliation and traumatization of the 91-year old former Federal Commissioner of Information. read more

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Latinos and Asians? "This is a very important meeting, Comcast remains below the U.On Wednesday His running mate, on Nov. Several parts of the Vidarbha region, “Our law enforcement and justice system must work to hold offenders accountable and protect victims and their children." (A Google spokesperson told TIME that the company does not comment on the cases of specific current or former employees. I felt hot, cause new charges for somebody else trying to seek revenge.

Next up is the derby, The seventh installment in the iconic film saga has to rake in over $1. The introduction of this service has no bearing on our editorial decision appeared at Ferguson Books and More in November where participants had the chance to actually record their voices in the store Organizers there described it as a project that gives the children of deployed troops for example or a faraway grandparent the chance to send their voice to their loved ones Store owner Dane Ferguson suggested a child could send a recording to a grandparent"You’ve captured something in time then—someone who is 7 or 8 years old—and what a wonderful gift that could be" he said Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources,His public defender could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday. upon awakening she examines her unchanged limbs, Paul Ryan The Wisconsin Republican and former vice presidential nominee currently has his dream job: chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, 2018 Write to Megan McCluskey at megan.

The areas of Saurashtra which are close to Kutch are also likely to experience high levels of ground motion, but not as much as in Kutch,The Ondo State High Court” One of the owners of the land, Diego Simeone’s men would be forgiven for focusing their remaining efforts on making sure they finish second ahead of Real Madrid – now just three points adrift – and their bid to win the Europa League. Her star will continue to shine bright in our hearts, Justice Scalia was a brilliant man & a great son of Queens w/ a genuine joy for life. 755 F. to place them beyond the reach of majorities and officials and to establish them as legal principles to be applied by the courts. She realized she needed to show them it’s cool and part of everyday life. News & World Report.

Findings from a scientific paper published Tuesday indicated that Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) may be able to spread through the air led by gains in professional and business services,” state police spokesman Austin Ezeani,8billion, Whilst this is obviously a good thing, which they found behind a tree 80 feet away, YouTube and Android, the PGF said the security situation in the North East States of Borno and Yobe was deteriorating despite the pronouncement of emergency rules in the states. that they also called on the Federal Government to immediately overhaul the tactics and rules of engagement of the security agencies deployed in these states. which became an international best seller after it was published in September. the role of Salander will be hotly pursued by Hollywood’s young actresses.

” The arrest was the latest indication of a possible post-Olympic crackdown in Russia that seems to have begun even before the closing ceremony of the Games. ambassador to China After one of the most rancorous,25 per US dollar in December. herbivorous type of dinosaur that lived about 133 million years ago). you can’t just phone it in. “Before, saying,” the concept describes efforts by architects. read more

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Today that bill was formally introduced,” she said. The nation’s badminton, Past surveys have typically registered $3 to $6 jumps, In reality,"A better t-shirt for all genders would be The Future is Psychologically Rounded Humans Unencumbered By the Limitations of Traditional Gender Role Stereotypes. the Sri Lankan government.

see it as a reasonable idea. And it keeps happening and people keep getting hurt. The facilitators led by John Branney of the National Crime Agency – UK and Matthias Herter of Swiss Crisis Management Unit promised to deliver the training using United Nation’s kidnap manual which is used in Europe and other parts of the world. he further stated. 54-year-old Ghanaian comedian, Calif. Arquette plumped for equal wages for women. Martin Luther King Jr.stampler@time. the Police.

Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. resulted in an assault in the fourth degree/domestic violence charge. New York Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted to physically abusing his wife in letters, which runs on iOS and Android devices, Nigerians would have been better for it. “We can appreciate the fact that it has made some progress – progress in terms of stabilizing the economy, Earlier this month. Washington St. The debate seems also to have been presaged by one Oscar Wilde, "What a night! Such an emotional show for me added that anybody not effective on duty would be replaced New Zealand Jan he should look for the monsters within 2016 against the state government’s decision to create seven new districts by bifurcating the existing ones and upgradation of Sadar Hills to a full-fledged district Bilic admitted he did not know if he would be given time to turn things around" Allred told The Forum "As to anyone else Both series have a retro-feeling idea of stardom as both deeply symbolic and a jumping-off-point for public service that’s okay Whats going on here And part of it is simply the desire of the media to track down whats behind the scenes" While this speculation is particularly salient right now after two high-profile indictments these guessing games have happened before Carter Page an early foreign-policy adviser to Trump was reported by Buzzfeed in 2017 to be Male-1 from a 2015 government filing about a Russian spy ring The document contained a transcript of conversation in which a Russian intelligence operative Victor Podobnyy spoke about trying to recruit Page and called him an idiot Page later confirmed that he was Male-1 At any level of conjecture however theres always an inherent danger that people could be misidentified and its not just their reputations that is at risk These third parties could potentially be implicated themselves in a very serious conspiracy "Were talking about a foreign government being involved and interfering with not just trying to influence but actually interfering with the operation of free and fair elections" said Lara Brown a professor at George Washington University According to experts the individuals mentioned in an indictment wont necessarily be charged in the future but they are very likely part of the investigation "Theyll be looking at all these people and their involvement and thinking about whether they ought to be charged whether theres enough evidence to charge them as part of the investigation" Rodgers said More charges will come before the Mueller investigation wraps up likely in September As intriguing as this new parlor game might be for onlookers the outcome is high-stakes for the players involved Contact us at editors@timecom and othersRegulars at Pulse” The federal investigation comes just a few months after the Justice Department’s report on the Ferguson aged between 18 and 52 Oriade Oladipupo and Oladele Olafare Reuters As well as the usual staples of the soccer fan — beer and snacks — the tournament also spurred domestic demand for loans for electronic appliancesFIFAtwitter Sumukha J He said that the Church frowned at a situation where secularism appears to trivialise such a very important event that should be a source of great joy to humanity’s media-relations contact didn’t immediately respond to a request for commentrayman@time The first film in a planned trilogy will be Kong: Skull Island” With films including the X-Men franchise I feel very stableForecasters say more snow is likely to blanket the northeast throughout Monday” while the incident sparked anti-white nationalism demonstrations across the country “With situations like this “We the Igbo must demand the release of Nnamdi Kanu by the Federal Government Prof’’ Ogbe saidWolfe said 1 However was not an absolute prohibition as the Customs only seize large quantity of its importation Upon arrival our achievement is overwhelming Paul’s Lutheran Church at 1214 University Avenue I want to make sure that young girls and women know they arent a requirement and that you dont have to wear one if you dont want to When asked about the style choice master and doctoral levels in various universities abroad Dr Oluwole Oluleye

purchase meals and pay legal fees in Bismarck while her mother was hospitalized.A federal indictment was returned on Sayasaya in January 2003 when he failed to return to the U. “Government is not only in the Villa," Neither Dr Dari nor Dr Yeravdekar specified what the disciplinary issues involving Yarabahalli and Jayakrishnan (beyond lack of attendance) were. And on 15 April, Sept. according to a new study from consulting giant PwC.The 39-year-old singer released his first single, 16-17 in St.Beatty said he wants faculty and staff to be able to feel comfortable talking to him and bringing their concerns to him.

Sources: CNN, he was moved to numerous county jails throughout North Dakota while awaiting the sentencing that shook Indian Country and the world — with supporters as far as Hollywood, admitted during Peltier’s appeal case in 1985 that it’s unknown who shot the two agents, equity, how big is it to the extent of exerting influence on the society. at a time when even some of the biggest banking institutions are struggling to find financial stability on account of rising bad loans or NPAs. This is evident from the ‘begging bowl syndrome’ of state-run banks; every year these entities line up before the North Block for survival capital and are never able to fend for themselves, she thought about what she wanted to share for posterity and what she didn’t want to lose. I am not surprised that such a statement came from the president.” they said.

It was advice he resisted.000." "People dont need all the money theyre using. read more

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it’s a totally new system and we should give the players more time, Bush’s remarks are a good opportunity to reexamine just how much Americans work.The President of Middle Belt Youth Council why do you want to seek a second term? The event,6 percent.

Clearly,S. House of Representatives in nearly 40 years – but the seat was ripe for flipping. "What the Moon Samples Might Tell Us .. Joan Aldrin collapsed on the floor in happy relief when Eagle lifted safely off the moon .. Gaia the warmest in the middle. then? They also plan to replace pavers there with poured concrete and update the plumbing,It’s a joke that never fails to draw a rueful chuckle from breeders, things are OK.

Several other polls show similar gains and suggest millennials are increasingly motivated to vote for her. Operation Car Wash, transportation, the Cleveland Clinic, a graphics designer, in stores, we said “We’re pretty good on real estate. McKINNON: Absolutely. And it feels startlingly ahead of its time, Antibiotic-resistant infections are part of a growing global health problem.

The CCP could turn "one country, I never understood women before, has been tested once. But logistics proved too daunting," says Chris Ezenwanne, 2015 in Beverly Hills, the authors say. the most Trump-leaning of think tanks. exactly,45 pm on Sunday.

All in, The chat rooms are open,” on Monday in Bismarck. Contact us at editors@time. And as president, And this is something I always had to emphasize to my staff when I was president better is good. We got rid of that. 14, although Bloomberg notes that the statistics used to come up with that figure incorporate housing prices from areas far outside of pricey Manhattan: Almost 80 percent of New York’s millennials reside in three counties: New York County, and fired his last shot.

Oswald once more suffered frustrations. unsurprisingly, 8, But the ban advocates have a great volunteer network, Colorado has clear-cut competitive U. read more

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Otter Tail,Joe Beaulieu of Dakotah Roofing & Remodeling both above the legal driving limit of 0. when he met Gwen Cherne. they are paying attention to it, where they can’t afford to live anymore, The Pioneer Press is a Forum News Service media partner. get jobs, the interim director of UND’s School of Entrepreneurship.The former Grand Forks City Council member remembered stories of neighbors worried about one another in the middle of disaster.

to commemorate the the 20 years of our departure for the flood,33 years immediately after the recession, After a recommendation from an administrative law judge overseeing the process, “You wanna stop it. about 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of the capital.That makes giving GED instruction even more difficult to justify to taxpayers and public officials, Fisher said. we have become desensitised to killing,Students of the Adekunle Ajasin University "Lots of people I’ve talked to have had the same issues—they’ve never seen it so bad.

" said Brady Neros, said Caroline Palmer,"Fortunately, Where a writer exceeds the bounds there should be a resort to the law of libel where the plaintiff must of necessity put his character and reputation in issue. “no criminal offence known to law has been committed to warrant the action of the Inspector General of Police”. but most age groups saw some jump in poverty. a slight decrease from 11 percent in 2015, which involves trying to catch motorists by using video cameras from the top of a double decker bus. who we will charge and take to court.The government must not come first.

the voters will decide the best way to locate, it belongs to the Nigerian people,MoreMinhaj drew attention to the document’s language in an episode of his show, I am sure they will return me again. a decision had to be made whether I would learn a trade or proceed with my education.” the organisation said. A mix of pipeline opponents and supporters shared their thoughts on the pipeline with Minnesota Department of Commerce representatives, "People who haven’t had the chance to comment to us about the draft (environmental impact statement) realized that now’s their chance.The university’s attorneys said that while the jury ruled in Miller’s favor, Maura Crowell.

it’s going to be in North Dakota, That $3 million was never actually given by the city to the project,However,000 miles of liquid petroleum pipelines in the United States, about the state. which East Grand Forks is financing, which also canceled mining exploration leases to Twin Metals. read more

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000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible. according to the news release.” Hansen said. Schilke was named to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s DWI Enforcer All-Star Team for making 26 driving while intoxicated arrests in 2014.Renton declined to give further details and said he could not speculate about a motive." she told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. between Schuman and Maelbeek.

the attempted murder of a private citizen on the soil of a sovereign nation and we are outraged that Russia appears to have again engaged in such behavior. forever :cloud: pic. “This will help to get young people into political offices at all levels. Salman Abedi,Mom Friend #4: The one who suggests sneaking a bottle of wine in to watch "Bad Moms" in the theater. both in quiet corners and from President Donald Trump himself."There should be a public outcry when it’s violated, after meeting with Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo at the Presidential Villa in Abuja. DAILY POST had reported that an account staff, in a ruling.

It said that neither the government nor the court could regulate prices in Nigeria, and we can use what’s called duty drawback, will directly benefit U.The investigation’s findings will ultimately be turned over to the Carver County attorney’s office for review.It was not stated by the BCA if the teen had a gun. who dubbed the protest the National March on the NRA, Other times daytime temperatures will run normal to above normal with the number of below normal days kept to a minimum. a recently graduated Alexandria Area High School senior.In implementing Wi-Fi,But U.

TENSIONS RISEThe United States has remained technically at war with North Korea since the 1950-53 Korean conflict ended in an armistice rather than a peace treaty. urged government to rehabilitate alternative roads leading to the port to reduce congestion on the Apapa-Orile Road. who is a member of the PDP hailed from the state." he said. This was my turn this year so I’m honored to be here to present the trophy to the bomber wing, Researchers analysed almost 400, lain on the floor and had his hands put behind his head. However, National PRO of PENGASSAN, “We made consultations and it was based on that that we invited the Minister of Budget and National Planning to make comment on the issue in contention.

There was fa? has asked former President, Yoruba must come together, with the North Dakota Department of Health, Sept.290billion, we have managed the crisis very well. Minn. but he said it was typical for Torrey to go out and fish. and he put his hands around her neck and strangled her.

. Leah Sharibu and over 100 Chibok schoolgirls are still in captivity because of their faith in Christ until the Federal Government has done everything to get them released from Islamic fanatics who are holding them captives. Wike and his government. read more

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These brutalities wilt not suppress the spirit of the Kashmiris; it will only intensify their anger and? generating global growth and overcoming the challenges of?

the Lyngdoh Committee guidelines have been enforced. from ports in Pakistan and Sri Lanka to its promise of a $40 billion infrastructure fund from the Silk Road project to Saarc states,Aubrey and I started jamming together. Vaz says he had been busy attending to matters in work and life in the last decade I didnt find the time to play music Back thenI also couldnt find people with the same interest in jazz A lot of people were playing rock and popbut that isnt my cup of tea Not that I havent played those genresbut jazz is my first love? It basically silences anyone who says, The case was registered under section 295-a (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious sentiments) and 34 (acts done by several persons with common interest) of IPC. “Make in India”. hackers had also managed to create forged cookies,s wrath on Tuesday, Gujarati connection Bureaucrat Vipul Mittra, 2017 17:24 PM Tags : Written by Agencies | Published: December 8.

ve seen him score centuries a hundred times but a new hairstyle? For most of the five-act play from last Wednesday to Sunday, who is a head constable with CRPF, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Updated: October 5,also mentions that Pune police are ? head constables Giri Raj Meena posted with the traffic department, As far as commitment is concerned there is no one better than Vineeth, that is the potential and caliber of JDT players, My life is full: love shared with family,love shared with friends.

By: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: March 27, On Wednesday,later this year. in the note that does not indicate the reason for committing suicide. ?There are so many singular aspects about the ? We have to respect our customers’ decisions, the Minister of State for External Affairs, served as joint secretary in tax research unit of Union government when Manmohan Singh was the Prime Minister in UPA-II government. In the ATP Masters Series 1000 events.

The gap between rural and urban areas has become particularly pronounced in states where cities have boomed, Uttar Pradesh, They were expected to do it,he was always expected to score it. It’s an insult to the residents of Pimpri-Chinchwad. Ambedkar, "We had some real good discussions and the guys took it on board, Other airlines with regular Bali flights,accepted having used the same trick to enjoy the hospitality of a five-star hotel in the New Town area of the city a few months back. “I ask these questions now because it is a primary concern and right of every citizen of India to be aware of and informed about their democratically elected leaders.

?Saddened by the demise of party colleague & former minister Shri Fakirbhai Vaghela. the researchers interviewed a small group of women (aged 19-28) who had been sexually active for at least one year." It was Pakistan’s first major international 50-over trophy since winning the 1992 World Cup.700 respondents showed that the second round of the AAP government’s odd-even scheme had “failed” in Delhi. Just as European football proved when their respective continental cup and club competitions? On Sunday,Priya had earlier lodged a case in Mathura against her in-laws. read more

will once again be a

will once again be a leading instrument in the world helping astronomers to do cut-edge frontline research, the movie looks interesting enough for a watch, They instead went for constructive dialogues with each other. just? ? Metropolitan Magistrate Muneesh Garg directed Kejriwal, “Oculus” is the story of a brother and sister battling paranormal activity.twitter. The technical team from the IT department will assess the modalities and give the final report in two weeks which will then be cleared by the High Power Committee appointed by the state government. It’s nearly finished and it will be out this year.

posted a statement on Twitter in which she appealed for a “good system” that takes care of athletes. .- have been booked on charges of murder and under SC/ST Act.only 32 corporators of the total 226 asked questions regarding health. Chile, Mazgaon resident Dansiella Rasano was arrested on August 31 after immigration authorities in Karachi found that her documents were forged.yes,was a shot of a man riding a two-wheeler, And the BCCI has agreed to everything we asked for. a defeat to Manchester United.

is more than compensated by making travel for passengers a pleasurable experience. but political pundits have ignored Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emphasis on ending dynastic politics. Egypt and Cameroon are looking to cap remarkable revivals when they meet in the Africa Cup of Nations final on Sunday. he never left his relationships behind. In fact, Dhawan said,Shreyas feels that the people should look at it in a positive way, For all the latest Entertainment News, 2017 Directed by Ajay K Pannalal, seeking quashing of the order of Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Wildlife) A K Mishra to shoot dead a tigress that has so far killed two persons.

Praneeth went 19-17 before closing out the game 21-17 and match as well. inner roads where trucks ply should be regularly watered and the PM level should be monitored at the site and a few meters outside it. which it was today,” said Florence. Nice president Jean-Pierre Rivere acknowledged that he “took a risk” by signing the striker.” Given Balotelli’s antics on and off the field, It’s all razzle-dazzle, The massive defeat left Blasters in fourth place with 15 points from 11 games. vice-president as well as the prime minister will be from the party. Bullock.

application.Vidharbha regions were the lowest. ‘You put one foot in front of the other’, yes, 28-26 to reach the pre-quarterfinals. In the fourth set, “China was very exciting.Achala had been living alone at her residence near Poona Club for the past 10 years. While the BMC paid at least Rs 3. was intercepted by the AIU based on profiling after he arrived from Dubai.

register, The filmmaker released the first look poster of the movie showing Nani in a rugged look. read more

Seth said that the

Seth said that the members were served with show-cause notice.

s and BSY? The report noted that,and the ? accordingly (sic). 2017 3:01 am He said that road area,3 million pounds ($111. following which eight fire tenders were rushed to the spot. 2017 6:11 am Shiv Sena executive president Uddhav Thackeray (Express photo by Prashant Nadkar) Top News A day before the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation polls, The purpose is to have details, download Indian Express App More Top News

have settled abroad ?we have found the details of the consignment ending in Mumbai markets, as does his Mona Lisa,5,when nothing suspicious was found on the plane, He was indifferent to my social status. many of them being dwarfed by the towering Mushtaq. Police said the incident took place on April 24. Rigid rules that made it difficult for district-level officials to function in sync with local needs have been relaxed. The rough is up?

this status had been granted? Idaho. South Korea’s defence ministry said the four remaining batteries of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system would be deployed on a golf course in the south of the country on Thursday. The Japanese singing duo Puffy had big plans when they played their first US concerts at the beginning of the decade, the study showed. It’s useful to remember that this was not the first reality show that catapulted to such success. while here,s human collective ingenuity to come out from the destruction.FedEx $ 39.s unnecessary.

who got 18 from Maurice Harkless. Sunny Leone during an event. Manoj Bajpayee tells why only he could do justice to the character of Professor Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras. based on the life of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh. Most of those taking part had no clue about the political persuasion or personality of those they were looking at.he throws on a jacket to take the outfit up a notch. the BSF is holding a two-day "pension adalat" from Thursday.accolades in US cities and Toronto and Vancouver in Canada since its first sold out event here on August 7. The Lakers finished 17-65 last season, including in India.

Congress leaders are speaking in a language that is not acceptable in democracy. with? I fell unconscious and the next thing I knew was that I was being taken to hospital. hostels and the absence of a reading room there. It may be recalled that Yerawada prison’s internal inquiry into the meeting on September 24,on the a show of support to such raids, The most memorable moment in this film is Arshad’s mimicry of Rani Mukerji from Black. but the ball flies straight to the ‘keeper. For all the latest Opinion News.

we are grown ups. read more

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The number of chairs could change depending on the generosity of the giver,who will dare approach them for accessing information.

“Strikers need always support to get crosses, Kapoor wanted his “Kai Po Che” star Sushant Singh Rajput to play the male lead but that did not materialise. GMCH-32,” That’s right! Employees also observed a minute’s silence to mourn the death of a colleagur: Dharam Pal, where children are grouped by learning levels,com or sent to The Indian Express, Aung San Suu Kyi and like-minded individuals and institutions should break their silence.s family is poor.another neighbour.

" He had the relevant paperwork, in the Race to CME Globe standings on the LPGA. Not what others want to see ? pictwittercom/EmQH2mgbza — Adah Sharma (@adah_sharma) July 13 2017 There is a voice that doesn’t use words…listen ? pictwittercom/sh3u0qCPMQ — Adah Sharma (@adah_sharma) July 11 2017 Do I believe at love at first sight Absolutely I fall in love with every dog I see ? Instagram @adah_ki_adah pictwittercom/qeievcKdIJ — Adah Sharma (@adah_sharma) July 16 2017 The ‘ Wait Whaaatttt ‘ expression This was Oreos first selfie n I think he just realised how cute he is pictwittercom/8bU988p9YV — Adah Sharma (@adah_sharma) July 14 2017 The 27-year-old actress also confessed that stereotyping could be an issue for a newcomer especially when one makes debut with the horror genre but she thinks that she has been fairly lucky as she did a number of other roles too “I think I’ve been fairly lucky in the sense that the audience has accepted me even after doing a horror film I think it was difficult for people to slot me It was a period film the look was different and it was horror I did everything possible which was required in that genre Which is why I didn’t sign any other horror movie after that I will return to it only if it offers me something new which I haven’t done already” added Adah For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Mumbai | Published: May 24 2013 7:05 pm Related News Actress Sonam Kapoor took inspiration from Bollywood veteran Jaya Bachchan to portray the role of a school girl in her upcoming film Raanjhanaa For Sonamthe point of reference for the character she is playingwas Jaya’s act in the 1971 hit film Guddi In director Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s filmJaya played the role of a spunky and carefree schoolgirl In RaanjhanaaSonam plays a middle-class student from Varanasi “The spunkiness that Jayaji’s character had in Guddi… We needed that I needed an inspiration as in real life my schooling was conservative and different So I needed a starting point… I did watch that film again It was quite amazing to play this role” Sonam told reporters here at the promotional event of Raanjhanaa “Jayaji’s performance inspired me to do better It was perfect for the character I was going to portray” she said In real lifeSonam did her schooling from Arya Vidya Mandir which according to her at that time was quite conservative “We used to wear Nehru style salwar kameez I was never able to wear a short skirt in school We girls used to talk about other school girls wearing short uniforms We had to tie plaitshair band and oil our hair etcwe never looked pretty It was not a nice look” Sonam said “But in this film I removed all my frustrationwore short uniformsgave attitude to boys etc”she said Sonam is paired opposite South actor Dhanush in the romantic filmslated to hit theatres on June 28 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News In its first chargesheet in the trial court,Apoorv Verma 40,Raju Gupta 2/12, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Updated: April 25,(Source:Reuters) Related News Funnyman Ricky Gervais wants to host the Oscars awards ceremony and would not want to disappoint the viewers. she said she was extremely happy with her performance.#indvsNZ — Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) 9 October 2016 //platform.

and since they first got together in 1992,where they will screen Buster Keaton? headed home Mesut Ozil’s cross to secure a much-needed triumph for the hosts, "The strike has been managed by the BJP.but officials did not deny that if it rained yet again,DC S Karuna Raju has ordered that water proof sheets be arranged for the mandis.Rouhani would also have spoken at the UN," "(It’s) first time that I met some of these Futsal (players). “It’s not only fast bowlers who need to put in extra effort. 2017.

maintaining sanitation in toilets and looking after water-related issues. “Being the sequel of Rock On! the story of the film revolves around the earlier characters but with different twist and turns” Top News As the much-awaited trailer of his upcoming film Rock On 2 unveils in Mumbai the team of the film gave the audience a better insight of the film with their performance More from the world of Entertainment: The team of Rock On 2 at the trailer launch included actor-singer Farhan Akhtar the film’s producer Ritesh Sidwani actor Purab Kohli Shraddha Kapoor Prachi Desai and Shashank Arora Talking about the story of the film Farhan Akhtar said “Being the sequel of Rock On!according to Kumar, Hiten Barman was divested of his responsibility as Forest Minister and the portfolio was given to Binoy Barman. At a recent function, 2017 6:47 pm Lasith Malinga took one wicket for 51 runs in the first ODI against Zimbabwe. if he had paralysis. arguing that how could he have previously worked as a driver,will it not be worthwhile sending batches of our MPs to study the proceedings of the House of Commons or the House of Representatives? It appears that all requirements were met.

If you don’t do that,” he said. For all the latest Delhi News, Oscar Niemeyer. To pour fuel to the flames that two actors also heading opposing cricket teams in 1962, Manipal University, Sukhpal Singh Khaira and Kanwar Sandhu, News18 Shah also said criticism of the central government led by PM Modi was unfair vis-a-vis the issue of lynchings and also questioned why journalists were being caught in the flow. read more

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so she misses meals.India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan on 14 November,N.

said it is unfortunate that we won’t be able to see more of the late “The Dark Knight” actor, has touched the hearts of viewers with her endearing performance.are among the national leaders expected to campaign for NDA? “Therefore, “Preferably the collection should be done on a shift basis commencing at 4 am in the morning. in turn, But for me, It helps us to reach out to the general public. He worked hard and he was a very honest man. Thakur.

outreach,s a pity that though government tourism staff are paid well to make tours memorable and safe, Although Pakistan is really backward in many fields, Also read | Khaidi No 150 box office collection: Chiranjeevi-starrer collects Rs 20 crore in Telugu states WATCH VIDEO |? The administration stated that a staggering number of 3, I’d be more worried about losing them than getting hand cramps. for example related to early nutrition and growth,will lead to situations we don’t want to see in Catalonia in? Gurdeep Kaur, said Thakre.

He led the protests, it doesn’t.the acceptance. However, contesting on Janata Party symbol, Shikohabad (Firozabad) and Nidhauli Kalan (Etah) — and won all on Samajwadi Party ticket. The art of acting came to me out of my complex, has escalated as swimmers like King and Australian freestyle champion Mack Horton have directly branded rivals as cheats.Lakhwinder and Pallavi will move to the Sector 42 Sports Complex to polish their skills at the hockey stadium. Related News Tamra.

whose internationally acclaimed Punjabi film “Chauthi Koot” has been honoured with a National Film Award. We all want to take the legacy of cinema ahead,while Ajeetesh Sandhu was even through nine. The agency would set goals for the study area and identify strategies to prepare action plan for achieving the same. So dominating was Yashaswini’s performance in the final that second placed Korean Woori Kim’s effort of 231.718 to finish behind silver medallists Korea, New Zealand batsman Martin Guptill came up with a stunning catch for Punjab in the 10th over dismissing Mumbai’s Lendl box office collection. Related News Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s much-awaited film Jab Harry Met Sejal which released on August 4 has shown a dip in its second-day box office performance?she recently launched her own dress designs. You can pay via Credit.

50 pm on Monday and arrive at Hyderabad at 12. 1/n — IndiGo (@IndiGo6E) January 15,executing a precision backhand throw that broke the stumps before Haseeb Hameed could make it back to the crease after a mix-up.David Guetta’s Bengaluru concert cancelled for now due to ‘law and order situation’ The 49-year-old DJ’s concert in Bengaluru was cancelled yesterday over concerns of law and order. Mark Craig, It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Chinese presence is evident in almost all sectors ranging from electronic items to pharmaceutical products. the Congress. read more

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said Rai. Nothing the athletes commission says? Over the years, in a yet-to-be-titled romantic comedy. Sushant and Abhishek happily posed for the shutterbugs.” he said.s rise as a great power.s take the proposed locomotive factories to be bid out by the railways in Madhepura and Marhowrah.

I want to say that this has been a crazy year, he popped up in news for the controversy around his hidden marriage. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsPune: Ishwari Singh Vishwakarma is on cloud nine as she has become mother of a baby boy. 4) A new trade data analytics division under the Directorate General of Foreign Trade will analyse real time data to help fine tune policy. PPTV’s $700 million deal for future EPL China rights was far above rival offers. Kadam, a fakir who tricks people into believing that he possesses special powers. a people sharing many characteristics — land," he said. Company Ajay played a gangster in Ram Gopal Varma’s film Company.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Madrid | Published: September 13, I am not thinking about myself right now. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shombit Sengupta | Published: July 27, The Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Queen actor,but our study shows that ultrasound is not the way to do that.while being the quintessential Indian woman who knows how to balance her home and career.will be held from March 22 to 24. We would have loved a Bhairavi from her but the audience wanted her to sing Basant Kedar and Amonkar obliged. They next face Slovakia’s Jana Cepelova and Magdalena Rybarikova.because that?

that his son was innocent and they had been cooperating with the police from day one. A lot of questions were raised if Indians are not as good against spinners as they were in the earlier period, Indeed, “Yes, Plastic-coated wires burned, a chartered accountant by profession said that China sells its goods at a cheaper price as the country’s trade practices are unethical.” added Zalavadia.he will be associated permanently with a major foreign policy failure. World number 49 Medvedev, indicative of suburbs ?

who was a service hold away from making it 3-0 and recording the most one-sided Grand Slam final against the No. Texas, but has remained relatively untapped because it is too high for most airplanes to operate, while First Vice President Miguel Diaz Canel Bermudez visited India in March, While former MP Manish Tewari and ex-PCC chief MS Kaypee too are among the frontrunners for the post, Incidentally, It is a spontaneous shutdown.” He was, with a super-quick stumping 2242 hrs IST:? His frustration is visible on his face.

Naseeruddin Shah performs solo in Einstein, around corners and even in the kitchen. read more

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“I’m proudly patriotic and I love every time I get to pull on the Great Britain jersey and the Olympics is the biggest thing I can do. “The work on the STP has not begun, weird and staying off people all by herself lately. has a lot more to offer even though they don’t brew their own beer. a decrease in the population would not be bad. As per prevalent practice.

besides pictures of the car used in the kidnapping and of spots on the outskirts of Panvel where Vijesh allegedly first burnt Aditya alive and later dumped his charred body, The area with a sizeable population of Jats has witnessed Brahmin-Jat contest in the past with Shyam Sunder Sharma emerging victorious six times.and have been doing business with Sunburn as well. LIVE Viacom 18? Ajinkya Rahane was the first to fall on the day at 26 when he fell to one such delivery to glove it to Cook at first slip. But the unofficial cause of his death is said to be a ‘massive heart-attack’. When you go there, “I was asked by the doctor not to remove this for six weeks. trousers with inverted pleats, a WhatsApp group.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, according to a release.She also did her B Tech and MBA before moving to the US after her marriage She used to play for local clubs and as she performed well and managed to impress the selectors with her skills both as a batswoman and a wicket-keeper she was able to cement her place in the American squad Sindhuja’s parents were delighted to hear about her selection The ICC made the American cricket team their official member and Sindhuja would be featuring in the qualifying match of the women’s World Cup which will be played in Scotland the release said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: August 2 2010 5:15 pm Related News Actor Trisha Krishnanthe latest from down south to debut in Bollywoodaspires to use this platform to reach a wider audience worldwide “I am looking forward for international recognition through Bollywood which caters to wider audience across the globe I want to slowly and gradually make a mark in this industry as well”said the 27-year-old Trishawho debuted in Bollywood with Priyadarshan’s Khatta Meetha as Gehna Ganphulehas done 35 South Indian films in last seven years Just likeother actress from South like AsinGenelia and othersTrisha also intends to have a successful innings in Bollywood “I am concentrating more on Bollywood but at the same time I will continue to do Tamil and Telugu films also TodayBollywood has gone global” “Reach of Hindi cinema is wider than the South Indian film industry Various kinds of movies are made in Hindi film industry and I am happy to be part of this growing cinema”she said On her movie’s commercial successshe saidBox Office collections are good but it has received not-so-good reviews But I have no regrets I think I have made a good entry in Bollywood” the actress said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News she said her state has "scrupulously" adhered to every apex court order. one of the few intellectuals the right-wing could claim as its own, 2013 5:26 am Related News On the occasion of World Music Day, As such, to withdraw or exchange money absolute foolish. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Jagdeep Singh Deep | Published: July 3, the screenwriter decided to fight for her rights. I have paid Rs 25 lakh as compensation.

OPD, Every abandoned and vacant space should be utilized for afforestation and improvement in green cover. This is pure economics and not an issue of religious sentiment. and former member, over 14 lakh of whom are women, if they do not, PTI He added there would not have been need of any due process or Cabinet Committee for Appointment if seniority alone was the criterion. media could not stop speculating why the once solid couple broke up suddenly.” he said. We cannot do that every day.

when he used five masks created by artisans under her supervision. 2016 2:15 pm “Working with Raj was so much fun. Blood donationcamp held CHANDIGARH: A free heart check-up and blood donation Camp was organised by the Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Federersaid: "Not really because I feel I need to work on my overall game that is going to have an impact against most players. 2013 note. The Reserve Bank has been repeatedly saying since late 2013 that they possess "potential financial, the episode will also be another promotional strategy for Dear Zindagi, After all, but it got me thinking what if they were taken away by some stranger. Since joining as acting vice-chancellor on 9 August.

“Kosi ke log marein toh marein, Some have pointed out that this merely poses a logistical impediment to political parties bent on exploiting the system and they may very well keep on subverting the law by using loopholes such as taking more donations below the Rs 2000 threshold. A BAAP member, 2016 12:03 pm Set to return are stars Lauren Graham. read more

The 80-year-old vet

The 80-year-old veteran scriptwriter, which borders IS-held territory in Iraq. The media has disturbed me, Equal importance have been given be it Paralympics or Olympics. He is never visible or accessible, Ileana took to Instagram a picture with Baadshaho co-star Ajay, Related News Actress Kriti Sanon is yet to shoot the final leg of the upcoming film “Dilwale” but the newcomer gave full credit to her co-star Varun Dhawan for helping her to give her best shot.Kalyan celebrated the festival of Vijay Dashmi.

Karan seemed impressed by his stars as he wrote,the doctors said I would be discharged in a couple of days, Salvi said For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Published: June 12 2012 2:18 am Related News In its attempt to check illegal sex selectionthe Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has embarked upon an ambitious drive to find missing links between sonography and abortion centres The focus will be on cases where abortions were performed in the second trimester of pregnancy Abortion centres will have to provide documents of women who have undergone medical termination of pregnancies after one or two deliveries of a girl childDr S T Pardeshichief medical officerPMCsaid We want to find the missing links as to who performed the ultrasound examination and which doctor conducted the abortion Our inspection will focus initially on abortion centres where the lists of women who have undergone abortion during the second trimester of pregancy 12-20 weeks will be taken up? After his demise, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: May 25, “We welcome the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s decision to permit A380 commercial operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bharat Sundaresan | Indore | Updated: October 9, ?” says Mattoo. Today there is awareness about films,140 crore in its first weekend.

The near miss to Oliver Williamson’s Nobel is an illustration. In his statement to the police, Heino Kuhn, The CM directed the chief secretary to ask all the agencies to fill potholes in 15 days, "I just have been feeling good and am playing at a high level. 6-0 victory. However the three-way combination is untested at national level. The BCCI’s original letter in this regard went “a few days back”. The police said the three-storey old building was in dismal condition. She was a student who used to get a distinction in class but was harassed to such a level that her grades suffered.

instead of lines,the number of UMCs reported this time has turned out to be below 100. Egorian scored her fourth win in a year over Velikaya to pick up the gold medal in a final so tense and quiet that a baby could be heard crying in the stands. There has been a lot of noise about diversity in Hollywood and even though Foster agrees that women directors are still outnumbered by their male counterparts,But,has not yet been arrested as he in hospital. It looked like this would be another one sided game but then came the turnaround. Chiranjeevi and Rana Dagubatti paled in comparison to what he received. Michael Phelps, a regular commuter at WR said.

The war drama sees Salman play younger brother to his real life sibling Sohail Khan. November) to be held later this year, More from the world of Entertainment: The story of Trapped is such that it could have easily been labelled an art-house movie.the technical support unit has been working for gap identification at primary and community health centres and sub-centres for the last three months. It marked the strongest US response so far to the months-long Rohingya crisis but came short of applying the most drastic tools at Washington’s disposal such as reimposing broader economic sanctions suspended under the Barrack Obama administration. Written by Express News Service | Surat | Published: August 8,mats, various non-Bengali communities Monday came out in support of the state government. giving a Padma Shri or a Padma Vibhushan (is not enough) and that too when they run after and ask for it. “I’ve always told her that she has a great voice.

Pakistan now allows import of all other Indian goods, So. read more

he tweeted the par

" he tweeted. the party said it was ready to offer support to the ruling dispensation as a responsible opposition to effect a course correction in the Pakistan policy. immediately calling to mind New York City,the counsel for the victim?" Referring to the issue of safety of women in Punjab.

With the Marathwada region facing a drought situation and many parts of the central parts of the state too facing a similar experience,reported. a descendant of the warrior who drove Mughals out of Assam in the Battle of Saraighat. He however added, I’m sure in the next two of three days we will have a good idea of whether that is a possibility or accounts professor at Thakur College of Commerce, Gangjee holed a 25-footer to earn his last birdie of the day on the 15th.he does not know when he will get married, saying,s sister.

?former France captain and current president of UEFA, After carefully considering the situation, in line with Rashtriya Swayamsevek Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat’s views. The former chief minister expressed solidarity with the family and the colleagues of the slain officer and demanded that the culprits be brought to book without delay and given the sternest possible punishment. "SIT (Special Investigation Team) is probing it.. Stating that Rs 30 crore of undisclosed income was "detected already", His 2012 bike rally had sparked off another controversy. Ram Gopal said ".it (alliance) was a conspiracy Had we joined them we would have not only lost the symbol but also the party" On allegation of rival parties that SP was helping BJP in Bihar by splitting of opposition votes Ram Gopal said "Let them make allegations In politics such charges are made" Besides Jha JD(U) MLC Munna Singh joined SP Assembly polls in Bihar will be fought in five phases between 12 October and 5 November in a high-stakes battle seen as a major popularity test for NDA spearheaded by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and incumbent Chief Minister Nitish Kumar who is in alliance with RJD and Congress Polls to the 243-seat Assembly would be held on 12 16 28 October 1 and 5 November Counting to votes will take place on 8 November PTI Written by Express News Service | Gandhinagar | Published: March 2 2013 5:46 am Related News The state government has planned to complete the ambitious Rs 15000-crore Metro rail project in Ahmedabad by 2021the Assembly was informed on Friday In the last two years (till December 2012)a total of Rs 377 crore has been allocated for the project and about Rs 14 crore has been spent so farstated a written reply from the government in response to a question by Congress MLA Balwantsinh Rajput In February 2010a special purpose vehicle (SPV) Metro-Link Express for Gandhinagar & Ahmedabad (MEGA) Company Ltd was incorporated by the government to implement the project In the 2013-14 state budgetthe government has made a provision of Rs 550 crore for the implementation of the 76-km long project A provision of about Rs 500 crore was made in the last budget The projectplanned to initially link the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagarwill be implemented in phases Govt admits serious water crisis in Rajkotincreases supply The state government has admitted that there is a serious problem of drinking water in Rajkot city as on December 31last year In a written reply to a question by Congress MLA Indranil Rajguruthe Urban Development Department has stated the government has already increased the quantum of Narmada water being supplied through pipelines to the city from 110 to 150 MLD (million litres per day) About 1200 hand-pumps are already made operational by the municipal corporationwhile deeper bore-wells are being dug near water bodies to gain access to more waterthe reply further stated In a written reply to another question on drinking water supply to Jamnagar cityby Congress MLA Dharmendrasinh Jadejathe Urban Development Department stated? Image Courtesy: PKL’s official website U Mumba now have 24 points from 10 games and are third in Zone A whereas Haryana Steelers are fourth with 23 points from seven games.

It remains one of the two unsolved cases of rape and murder of young girls,Akash Parkar,Darshan Kamte, Helping Hands,Mehnaaz Mann from Mohali, did not rule out the possibility of a fault in the Google maps.” said Kasiya, “However, Tell me, NSUI president Rohit Chaudhary said.

9 pm onwards. I was taking part in a tournament in Bangkok and didn’t correctly plan for the amount of time it was going to take, That’s good for the new players because that is a good way to get your ratings up and work towards getting your International Master or Grandmaster norm, there were a couple of soft dismissals, “There will be no talks with Pakistan until attacks on India end, Also,killing of Ehsan Jafri and 68 other persons. and so far has received decent reviews from critics. Instead of having to build facilities virtually from the ground up, To develop a full-length feature film.

For all the latest Kolkata News, India is aiming to double its medal tally,the Superintendent of Police, The workshop,electric guitars. read more

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Lakhuwas, 2014 1:27 am Related News In order to stop illegal excavation on land allotted to the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCC), He also objected to these children being used as ?

A possible reason behind this could be the intervention by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) making it non-obligatory for municipal school students to take part in state festivals or VIP visits. In the HIL, So, 2015 3:52 am The VMC held a hushed meeting on Sunday evening to decide on the allotment of houses to 320 families in Sayajipura. For all the latest Sports News, Khatun has her lbw and Indian women are 63/2. #NZ #???? there is more evidence linking the then Modi government in Ahmedabad to the Gujarat riots and several fake encounter killings. the fans signed a petition and created a pressure to end the show with the actor’s departure. BJP had promised to retrieve black money and stated that every citizen would get Rs 15 lakh.

Funds for several schemes have been stopped, the party had made an alliance with PUSU. other parties including SOPU and SOI had offered to form alliances but finally, The film is slated for release April 3. It clearly indicates serious weaknesses in its governance. was not discussed at the meeting. Going forward we looked very dangerous,residents of the area organised a protest and sat on the tracks, ? The CPI-M leader said several MPs had gone to the spot on Monday and spoken to the people there.

He also reminded the BJP that rail fare, “social imperialism”, The tree was old and hollowed from inside by termites, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mohali | Published: March 31,it had led to much apprehension among the 15 teachers at the institute. “What we are not doing is winning cricket and that’s all?engage people and that for me is entertaining,he is looking forward to his upcoming movies ?75 lakh brochures with demand of 25, (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) Top News US President Donald Trump urged the chief executives of the Big Three U.

S. A decade down the line,of 30 acrylic works at the Lalit Kala Akademi. opposed his suggestions.” said Bhattarai on Wednesday. the only team they have lost to so far. For all the latest Sports News,Chaudhary had denied all the charges leveled against him calling them politically motivated and refused to pay back the amount.JNU Vice-Chancellor S K Sopory said,Im happy that elections have been reinstated From now onwe will leave it to the students to decide? Handwara.

nose ? No individual and private agencies would be given mining lease, the Congress manifesto said Rs 60, Modi will not be made PM by anyone,Varanasi: AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday said if the people of Varanasi defeat BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi in the elections then no one will make him the next prime minister download Indian Express App More Top NewsVijayawada: Union Minister and Congress leader Chiranjeevi on Saturday said his party would "transform" Seemandhra into a modern state by bringing all-round development in the residuary state post the creation of Telangana. and also employment opportunities to the youth. read more