A young ladys transition to maturity

first_img‘Myself Meena, IAS’ is the debut novel of Dakshita Das. Published by Rupa, this book has an appeal for most age groups. The book has been released this summer. The author is herself a civil servant who was brought up in Lucknow and Mussoorie.  Here is an excerpt from the book: “Bored and tired and totally confused I jotted down ten reasons as to why I was in the state I was. Reason One: Baba’s desire that I take the IAS exam.Reason Two: Because Baba felt that the red light car in which I would travel once I became an officer would be a huge retribution to the sorrows life had doled out to him. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfReason Three: Because Baba felt that I shouldn’t get married for dowry.Reason Four:  Hello?! Reason four? Come again? There is no Reason Four…”Meena is a regular girl from a small town: young, attractive, fun loving yet with her life all messed up. Meena had been sucked into the role of being a dutiful daughter living out the ambitions that her father had thought up for her; mainly that Meena becomes an IAS officer.While destiny took her in that direction, Meena hadn’t factored the challenges that would await her. Moreover, in blindly following her father, she had failed to discover herself: what she was or wanted from life. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThis book is about a young girl’s transition to maturity. Set in Northern India where the passion of becoming an officer is high, the book journeys her struggle, her romance with a fellow officer and the choices she finally learns to make and live with. Uncomfortable with the IAS, Meena struggles hard in her initial months. Will Meena finally adjust to her job? The book has been penned in a simple yet charming style which may impress anybody, for the various dilemma at each stage in Meena’s life has been realisitically captured.last_img