Torvalds rant against Nvidia works new Linux drivers double gaming per

first_imgIt’s been over 20 years since Linus Torvalds built the Linux kernel. We’ve seen it running web servers, phones, and there’s plenty of distro choice for your desktop computer and laptops. Desktop Linux users haven’t always had it easy, especially when it comes to gaming with Nvidia graphics cards. A recent update to Nvidia’s drivers for Linux might have something to do with Torvalds‘ emphatic chastising of the company back in June.Nvidia is one of the leading manufacturers of graphics cards, and has pushed its ARM products into many Android products. However, Nvidia’s driver support for mainstream Linux has been terrible. While giving a talk at Aalto University in Helsinki Finland, Torvalds was asked about the poor performance of Nvidia cards on Linux systems. He pointed out that Nvidia’s drivers are the exception rather than the rule, but added that Nvidia had been terrible to work with on the issue. “Nvidia, f*** you,” Torvalds added, hoisting his middle finger toward the camera. You can watch the outburst below, which is definitely NSFW without headphones.Clearly Torvalds has some strong feelings on how Nvidia has been conducting itself, and the message might have gotten through. The new R310 drivers just out on Linux double the performance of Nvidia cards in 3D games. Game load times are also dramatically shorter with the new drivers.The drivers are available for download on the Nvidia website and should work great with the Steam for Linux beta. Perhaps seeing Valve move into Linux gaming is what spurred Nvidia to fix its drivers, or maybe it was that 10 million GPU order they lost back in June? But I’d like the think getting yelled at by Linus Torvalds had something to do with it, too.via Steam for Linuxlast_img