Latest Humble Indie Bundle works on Android

first_imgIt’s been just over two months since the last Humble Indie Bundle was launched in time for Thanksgiving, but this time around we’ve got a new platform supported. Mobile users may now be enticed to pick up some cheap games and donate money to charity because all the games in the new bundle work on Android.There are four games on offer including Anomaly, Edge, Osmosis, and if you pay more than the average you get World of Goo thrown in for good measure. As usual, you can also use the slider bars to give some of your donation to the Child’s Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.If you don’t have Android, or want to play the desktop versions of the games too, that’s easily done. Each of the titles work on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux too. So all bases are covered, unless you want iOS, of course.The Humble Indie Bundle will be available for the next 14 days. If past bundles are anything to go by then more games will be added as time ticks by. The graphic you see above has three empty spaces, so I suspect they will be filled at regular intervals. And if you buy now you don’t miss out on anything that gets added later on, you can go back and download the new additions.The video below has been produced to help anyone who wants to put the games on their Android device:Purchase the games now at the Humble Indie Bundle websitelast_img