The 11 Dumbest Character Names in Mobile Suit Gundam

first_imgStay on target Kamille BidanWe’re starting off with the protagonist of Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam because he’s a major character, and because he’s one of the few cases of a character who knows how stupid his name. He hates that “Kamille” sounds feminine, and it gives him a big chip on his shoulder. This might be the only time in over 30 years of Gundam that someone recognizes and is annoyed at their own name. Fixx BloodmanDid you think that Hot Coldman was the stupidest possible name in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and the whole MGS series? Meet his Gundam analog from After War Gundam X, Fixx Bloodman. I love the formula of Word Differentwordman for making up names. Call me Write Dankman. Revive RevivalSeriously, Mobile Suit Gundam 00 has some of the dumbest-named bishies in all of Gundam. I mean, none of the number boys from Gundam Wing even make the list when you have guys like Revive Revival. He’s another genetically modified super-pilot who works for Ribbons Almark, and is probably angry at normal humans for laughing at his stupid name.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Review: ‘Daemon X Machina’ Has Big Robots, Small Fun on Nintendo SwitchThis Robot Is Equal Parts Lawnmower and Snow Blower Ribbons AlmarkRibbons Almark is an amazing name, because the first name sounds like things you could buy at the last name’s store. Come to Almark for stationary, greeting cards, and ribbons! And fanaticism, Gundam Wing-levels of pretty-boyness, and a series where Gundam pilots are called Gundam Meisters (that’s Mobile Suit Gundam 00)! Alpha A. BateOh, go to hell! Mu La Flaga/Neo RoanokeThis is two stupid names for the price of one, thanks to brainwashing! Born as Mu La Flaga, his family names sounds like the parasites from Resident Evil 4. That’s just for Gundam Seed, though, and in Gundam Seed Destiny he’s brainwashed to become Neo Roanoke of LOGOS! Because his brainwashers thought Neo Roanoke would be a perfectly normal name. Okay, maybe it is more normal than Mu La Flaga.center_img Allelujah HaptismThis is one of the most amazing names in anime. There’s so much to unpack here, and none of it makes sense. Allelujah? And he has an alternate personality named Hallelujah. And that’s actually his name. Haptism? Like haptic feedback? What does it mean? Nothing! He’s just a brooding superhuman Gundam pilot who is kind of the Char/Zechs of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The religious and scientific references are even more tenuous than everything in Evangelion. Blex ForerLook at this weirdo beardo whose name sounds like you’re retching while denigrating immigrants. Which might be somewhat significant, since he’s the founder of the Anti Earth Union Group in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. He passes the torch on to Quattro Bajeena, who doesn’t make the list because it’s really Char Aznable under a false name. Actually, screw it. Anime tends to have some goofy names, but they’re usually meaningful in some way or are otherwise slightly tweaks amalgamations of common names from other languages. And then there’s Gundam.The Gundam multiverse (there are multiple timelines and universes, with Universal Century the main one) is filled with the stupidest names anime has ever seen. I mean, you’re starting with guys named Bright Noa and Char Aznable, and then getting wackier from there.We picked out some of the dumbest and most baffling names in Gundam. Of course, this list is based on our English sensibilities, so please let us know if there’s any significance or commonality in some of the names used that we simply missed. Obviously “Amuro Ray” has a familiar cadence in Japanese, and Chuck Keith is self-explanatory even if he’s way too bishie for that much of a bro-name. But I defy you to explain Blex Forer or Allelujah Haptism.The information and pictures from this list are taken from the Gundam Wiki, and are thanks to the dedicated work of much bigger Gundam fans than I could possibly be (because I’m scared of even attempting to build a Perfect Grade Gunpla kit, and think G Gundam is the best series). South BurningSouth Burning is a dramatic description, but it’s a really dumb name. He’s an Earth Federation pilot in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory, and the really crazy thing is that he doesn’t even have the stupidest name in his squad. That honor goes to… Merrybell GadgetUm, is this the Tingle of Gundam? I don’t know what I’m looking at, only that this is a pilot from Turn A Gundam, also known as The Gundam Series Where The Gundam Has A Mustache. Quattro BajeenaIT SOUNDS LIKE BORAT SAYING VAGINA!last_img