Train car derails into a bar called Derailed

first_imgIf you ever decide to build a bar close to the train tracks in your town, don’t give it a name like Derailed. You’re tempting the fates, and they just might call you on it.To be fair, there’s more than one bar called Derailed in the United States, and most of them haven’t wound up in the news like the Derailed in Charles City, Iowa did this week. At around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, a train car jumped the tracks as rail workers were switching cars.The car — which, fittingly enough, was full of grain — tipped over at a 45-degree angle, but the bar was there to catch it before it fell completely over. Even train cars have friends in low places, apparently.When the dust cleared, Derailed had sustained around $10,000 worth of damage from the accident. Things could have been much worse, and based on all the publicity the bar is getting as a result you might think this was some kind of crazy viral marketing hoax.Except that Derailed isn’t the kind of bar that worries about advertising to attract new customers. Every one of Charles City’s roughly 7,600 residents already knew about it, and you’d imagine the other 9,000 folks in Floyd County do, too. Sure, there are 600,000-plus people in the metro Des Moines area, but they’re a two-hour drive away. Not exactly close enough to zip over for a couple cans of Schmidt’s with the fellas.Photo by Larry Michehl/Facebooklast_img