Multiterabyte 500MBsec memory card format proposed by Sony SanDisk Nikon

first_imgGadget-lovers everywhere rejoice, a high-speed, high-capacity memory card format is being tabled by Sony, SanDisk, and Nikon that would eclipse anything we use today.Taking into account the growing popularity of HD content capture, the three companies have realized future gadgets require a faster way of storing and transferring data. Not only that, but the ability to store a lot more data too. So the new format being proposed tackles both those problems.AdChoices广告The transfer speed of the memory card format is stated as 500MB/sec (maximum). That has been made possible by switching away from Parallel ATA (max: 167MB/sec) and selecting PCI Express as an interface instead. As for the amount of storage available on the cards, a specific limit has not been set, but “beyond 2 terabytes” has been stated as a goal.The new cards will be comparable in size to current CompactFlash cards while remaing very low power during use. There’s no word on a release window yet as the new format has only just been submitted to the CompactFlash Association.Read more at the joint press release, via EngadgetMatthew’s OpinionAnyone attempting to capture HD video, or use their DSLRs for continuous mode shooting, relies on having fast and reliable storage in their device. But I think we are at a point where a new super-fast format would allow for a new range of gadgets to be released allowing for much higher quality content to be captured at the consumer-device level.The CompactFlash Association already has a workgroup for the proposal, and has signaled it realizes the new faster format is needed, so hopefully it won’t take too long to materialize as an actual product we can buy. Gadget manufacturers will also want it pushed through quickly so they can sell us a new range of premium devices.I think if we start seeing memory cards on the market with 2-8 terabytes of storage, and super-fast transfer speeds, it could change a few of the devices we use today. Some manufacturers will liekly dump the internal storage on PMPs and just ship their devices with a slot for one of these cards. It’s going to be a while before you need more than 2TB in a portable player, and even then you can always buy a second card.last_img