PRO3 mine training simulators exceed Immersive Technologies expectations

first_imgAs the first year anniversary of Immersive Technologies’ PRO3 Advanced Equipment Simulator launch comes to pass, the company has announced “the global mining industry’s strong acceptance and commitment to this next generation technology. During the past 12 months Immersive Technologies has shipped 44 PRO3 Simulators together with 74 interchangeable machine modules known as Conversion Kits® into 15 countries around the world, making up 65% of its Advanced Equipment Simulator unit sales during the period. Many of these simulators have been deployed to existing customers who recognise the additional value the new technology can bring to their training and continuous improvement programs.” Peter Salfinger, Chief Executive Officer for Immersive Technologies said, “I am thrilled by the tremendous success our PRO3 has achieved in such a short period of time. The mining industry has been very pleased with this new simulator technology. Our previous simulator model, the Series 2B, is the mostly widely used advanced equipment simulator within the global mining industry. The new PRO3 is well on its way to exceeding this level of success.” said Salfinger.Released in August 2010, the PRO3 offered significant advancements in display, motion and operator monitoring technology. This leap in technology has increased skills transfer and retention along with the accuracy of operator assessment now available to the mining industry.“We are continually focused on delivering even greater value to our customers through our scheduled software upgrades. Later this year, customers with a PRO3 simulator and a service agreement will be able to take a significant step forward in the way they train and assess the safe behavior of their haul truck operators. An exciting new enhancement will automatically detect, measure and report operator behavior in relation to checking for hazards around their machine at key points of operation. This will support our Customers in the proactive management of risk in a quantifiable manner.” said Salfinger.This new operator hazard awareness measurement feature will be released together with 35 other enhancements in Immersive Technologies’ December 2011 scheduled software release available to all current service agreement holders.last_img