Resqwater Makes Hangovers a Thing of the Past

first_img 5 Most Expensive Coffees in the World How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt How Does a Vasectomy Work: Your No-Frills Guide to Getting Snipped Editors’ Recommendations (The above title was just to lure you in. It worked! But we do approve this Boozer’s little helper)It’s rolling up to weekend time and with the first signs of warm weather arriving we have a feeling there may be some booze and beer in the forecast.We love to party too but that hangover really puts a damper on things. When we came across Resqwater we were intrigued. The company touts that their product is an anti-hangover drink that is all-natural, gluten free (?) and certified kosher (!).The key ingredients that sparked our interest are:Sucrose- Since your body requires a lot of sugar to process drinks, this is a good way to help get that process in motion and reduce the dizzy, disoriented feelings that come with a good hangover.Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit Extract- Helps decrease inflammation therefore it reduces nausea, lack of appetite and cotton mouth.Electrolytes- Your body needs these to keep running at it’s best and all those trips to the bathroom can deplete them at a rapid rate.Milk Thistle- We have been taking Milk Thistle pills for years to help the liver function properly so we were pleased to find the extract in the mix.The key is to be sure to drink Resqwater during and after your party monster lets loose. Granted, you are not going to carry around this bottle to all the bars, but if you are having a crew over to the house, pass this around between beer pong rounds. Smart Practices for Drinking With the Environment in Mind Why Mental Health Matters (and Why It’s Time to Change Our Perspective) last_img