Radio Ads

first_imgDownload the IMC’s radio ads in mp3 format September 2005ugogo we-spinachEnglish version 1 [918kb]English version 2 [919kb]English version 3 [937kb]AfrikaansIsiNdebele [1.03Mb]IsiXhosa [1.02Mb]IsiZulu [1.05Mb]Sesotho [1.05Mb]Sesotho sa Leboa [1.05Mb]Setswana [1.05Mb]Siswati [1.03Mb]Tshivenda [1.06Mb]xiTsonga [1.05Mb] November 2004Franschoek The Afrikaans voice-over features Riaan Cruywagen, the English version features Dennis Beckett. The Franschoek story describes the two polar communities of Franschoek, that came together and decided to do something to better the quality of life for all of them and transformed the squatter camp into low- and medium-cost housing. Listen in English | in AfrikaansEzabantu The Afrikaans voice-over features Eloise Cupido and the English version features Jenny Chris-Williams. The Ezabantu story describes the tenacity of South Africans – Bulelwa Qupe struggled with her first business, then opened another one that boomed quickly. After this, she tried to open her own fishery. She failed twice at getting a fishing license, but tried again and got it the third time. Today, she employs 48 people … Listen in English | in Afrikaans   2003 Local creations Black like me Feeding schoolchildren Play the rhythm  The advertisements are in mp3 format (You can use Windows Media Player, VLC or similar to listen to them)last_img