Widespread Panic Celebrates 50 Consecutive Sold Out Shows At Red Rocks

first_imgIt’s been a long road for Widespread Panic, but the band has risen to the top time and again. Last night, the band had a true reason to celebrate, as the group played their 50th consecutive sold-out show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The truly impressive record started back in 1991, and was celebrated in a fashionable three day run this weekend.The run’s second night brought out all the jams, starting off with a “Holden Oversoul” > “JAM” > “Solid Rock” extended session, and closing the first set with a “Bust It Big” > “Impossible” > “Bowlegged Woman” dropper. Second set brought out a particularly special version of “Pleas” > “Saint Ex” and had the people of the rocks begging for more by the end of the thrillingly long and professionally executed second set. Welcoming Steve Lopez on percussion for “Arleen,” the band closed out with an earth shattering “Chilly Water.” The encore invited a “Dream Song,” “Heart of Gold,” “North” closer, bookending a night to be recorded in the Widespread Panic books. Check out some fan-shot footage from the night below:PleasChilly WaterHeart of Gold Check out the setlist below, courtesy of PanicStream.Setlist: Widespread Panic at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO – 6/25/16Set 1: Holden Oversoul > JAM > Solid Rock, B of D, Angels Don’t Sing The Blues, Jack > Thought Sausage, Bust It Big > Impossible > Bowlegged Woman (62 mins)Set 2: Pleas > Saint Ex*, Henry Parsons Died, Pilgrims > Driving Song > Papa’s Home > Chilly Water > Drumz (Mini) > Cease Fire > JAM > Driving Song, Arleen** > Chilly Water (89 mins)Encore: Dream Song, Heart of Gold, North (20 mins)Notes:* Inverted intro to Saint Ex ** Steve Lopez on percussion ‘The Other One’ jam out of ‘Impossible’; First ‘Dream Song’ at Red Rocks since 6/26/1997 per Everyday CompanionEntire show with Edie Jackson, sign language interpreter (#TeamEdie shirts for charity)[Photo via @widespreadpanichq]last_img