Asda names Murdoch Allan best local supplier

first_imgScottish wholesale and retail baker Murdoch Allan has been chosen from around 400 suppliers as Asda’s Local Supplier of the Year 2006. It was awarded the title in recognition of its high-quality products, excellent customer focus and level of service at a recent Asda local sourcing conference in Leeds. Murdoch Allan MD Paul Allan told British Baker the company has been an Asda supplier since January 2005. A range of 40 of its lines, including bread and biscuits, is listed in 20 Asda stores. The company is set to start supplying all 38 Scottish stores through Asda’s central distribution depot in September (British Baker, 14 April, pg 5).Allan said: “We are always seeking out new products and markets, and this important award will be an excellent tool in helping us to achieve those aims.” He added that he has had enquiries about listings from other supermarkets since picking up the Asda award. And sales are booming with Somerfield, which Murdoch Allan also supplies.Murdoch Allan has 200 employees, and is set to take on a further 15 staff in September. The company also runs seven retail outlets.last_img read more

David Fursdon, president, Country Land & Business Association

first_imgI’m sure the baking industry would like more consumers to ’Just Ask’ whether the bread, pie or cakes they are buying are made locally or with British ingredients.The ’Just Ask’ campaign, by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), was launched by the Prime Minister and David Miliband, the Secretary of State for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, at Downing Street in January 2007.It seeks to reconnect the British consumer with their food and aims for them to seriously consider the choices they make when it comes to eating out.If British farms, growers, local producers and small businesses, such as bakeries, are to have a future, the British consumer needs to know whether or not they are buying their produce. One simple way of doing this, is to encourage the consumer to ’Just Ask’.The idea is to try and get people to repeat the mantra ’Just Ask’, when it comes to where the chicken in a pasty was produced or whether the apples in a pie are English, and so on.This involves raising the awareness of both the public and those in the food chain, from policy maker to opinion former, as to the origin of the food – wherever and however it is consumed.A number of companies in the foodservice sector have signed up to our campaign, including 3663 and Brakes.The government also sees the campaign as an important way for bakeries and food businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.last_img read more

Learning from one’s peers

first_imgOnce again I have been on my travels, getting ideas from my successful peers. The latest of these have come from David Smart of Greenhalgh’s, based in Bolton.Neville, Janes Pantry MD, and I went up there for the day – Neville to learn as much as possible about making fresh soup and me just to get as many good ideas as possible.Well, I won’t say it was a very large bakery, but when we were left alone for a few minutes, Neville said, “How will we ever find our way out?” So I would suggest to David that, in future, he issues all his guests with Sat Nav.That is the problem with many of these large bakers up north – they just do not realise that we small simple bakers from the West Country get over-awed when visiting their large premises.After being shown so much, I began to think David must own half of Bolton. Nat Lofthouse, the famous centre forward, and Bolton were one in my mind and now I have to add David Smart to that shortlist.When I arrived home, my wife Barbara asked, “Well what did you think of it, and what did you learn?””Very impressive,” I said. The bakeries – three of them – all contained an enormous amount of equipment and were incredibly clean and although people were working, they all appeared to be working without making any mess.The quality of the goods was extremely high, which, as we all know, is so difficult to achieve and maintain when you have such a large business. We were so pleased they are way up north – away from us – as I really wouldn’t enjoy competing against them.While all our questions were answered, it is a little difficult writing about them as you never know what should be considered confidential when someone is so open and helpful, but we learnt a huge amount and – as we always do when we go to the north west – we left impressed with the high standard and competitiveness of the marketplace there.Someone once asked me why did I write about Greenhalgh’s and Waterfields so often? Well the answer is simple: both have been so generous to Neville and me, with advice when asked. And, quite honestly, they renew my enthusiasm for the bakery trade and set a target for what we should aim for.We also visited two shops – one recently rebranded for the current market and one traditional.I found it infuriating that I could not really decide which I preferred. That made me think that, as you get older, you have to move on and let the younger folk have their way or the business would stagnate.Oh, one last comment, they even have their own automatic car and van wash, which sure as hell beats our hose and sponge. – Tony Phillips owns Gloucester bakery chain Janes Pantrylast_img read more

Mouthing off

first_img== “I’m only baking in a glorified wooden shed. Surely this is not running a business. We have had to stop baking cakes to sell and the council are even quibbling over our tables in the garden on planning grounds.” – Civilian Diane Tovey falls foul of North-East Lincolnshire council regs after baking and selling cakes for the RNLI in her garden “Just as Disney’s ’High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ delivers kids joy and fun mom can feel good about, Sara Lee Soft & Smooth breads give kids the taste they want with the wholegrain nutrition that satisfies parents.” – Tim Zimmer, vice-president, Sara Lee Fresh Bakery, strains to link the firm’s products with the Disney film, following a marketing tie-in in the US “I have lived on Marmite sandwiches, nothing more, for the last 25 years and am dedicated to the art form that is Marmite sandwich-making. Every sandwich I make is created with love, care and attention to detail.” – George Lambert, reported by the Press Association to have built a 12ft stack of Marmite sandwiches in a record-breaking attempt ==last_img read more

FSA’s 2012 salt targets spark fresh controversy

first_imgBy Patrick McGuiganThe publication of 2012 salt reduction targets this week failed to satisfy either side of the salt-in-bread debate, with anti-salt cam- paigners slamming them for being too lenient and plant bakers arguing that they will be “tech-nically impossible” to meet.The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has set a 2012 salt target of 1g per 100g for bread and rolls – a level that is lower than the 2010 target of 1.1g, but not as tough as the 0.93g first suggested in the FSA’s recent consultation.Lobby group Consensus Action on Salt (CASH), which proposed a target of 0.75g, blasted the FSA’s decision. It argued that the difference between its proposal and the FSA’s target equated to 2,800 extra lives that could be saved each year through a reduction in the number of people killed by strokes linked to a high salt diet. This, it said, was the equivalent of “eight jumbo jets crashing and killing all on board every year”.”It’s sad to see that some bakers are not prepared to lower the salt content of their products and we can only speculate that this is for commercial reasons. Is it really worth thousands of lives?” said CASH founder Professor Graham MacGregor. “If Sainsbury’s can make and sell bread with 0.7g of salt per 100g (300mg sodium), why can’t brands such as Hovis, Warbur-ton’s and Kingsmill?”Gordon Polson, director of the Federation of Bakers (FoB), said own-label bread was “a very different product” to branded bread, and direct comparisons could not be made. He added that some bakers would be unlikely to meet the new 2012 targets.”The Federation of Bakers… is concerned that it is technically impossible for the industry to go beyond the 2010 target of 430mg sodium per 100g to 400mg by 2012,” he said. “Bakers have invested in ingredients and plant, but to take the next step we need a different solution. It’s not clear how, using the Chorleywood Bread Process, we can reduce salt further.” He said the FoB would continue to reasearch ways of reducing salt in conjunction with the FSA.The 2012 targets may provide an unexpected opportunity for craft bakers, who can adapt their processes more easily to compensate for reductions in salt. Craft baker Anthony Kindred has been working with the FSA and the National Association of Master Bakers on ways to reduce salt in craft bread. He is confident that craft bakers will be able to meet the 2012 targets by using longer fermentation times to offset lower salt levels (see pg 8).last_img read more

Frost & Snow cupcakes boost job opportunities

first_imgA business case and market research for the cupcake bakery concept has been completed and a 12-month trial is now under way at a temporary bakery, with the permanent café and bakery due to open next year. A cupcake bakery and café, which creates training and job opportunities for people who have been made homeless, is part of a £10m scheme to improve a Birmingham-based housing and support group.Social housing and regeneration group Midland Heart is improving facilities and services at its Snow Hill site in the city, which currently provides accommodation and support for up to 157 homeless men, aged 25 and over. The project, which has been funded under the government’s Places of Change scheme, includes the creation of a cupcake bakery in conjunction with local baker Sarah Frost. Called Frost & Snow, the business will create training and job opportunities for people who had been homeless and want to get into employment but need training and work experience.center_img “The business is first and foremost about a consistently high quality and beautiful product that cake lovers everywhere would crave more of,” said Sarah Clee, Midland Heart’s marketing and communications manager. “The bonus is that every purchase contributes to creating opportunities for previously homeless people to get back on their feet and profits will be used to support the homeless to regain their independence.”last_img read more

Seed pricing

first_imgPine nuts: Supply is becoming increasingly tight and we’re still some five months away from any respite afforded by the Chinese new crop. Although global consumption has declined, due to the current astronomical pricing, for the UK and Western Europe, pine nuts have become an established member of a range of seeds and seed mixes. So despite the high pricing, demand has been relatively buoyant. Prices are almost double historical highs.Pumpkin seeds: As with pine nuts we are mid-season and still many months away from any chance of China producing and shipping further quantities before their new crop is in. There are reports that China might finally be looking to increase their planted acreage for pumpkin seeds in order to take advantage of these higher prices. Demand is strong and prices are high, so we would not be surprised to see greater production coming out of China and, hopefully, a price correction into 2011.Sunflower seeds: Pricing has continued to creep higher, despite a greater total global supply. Although China and the US have dominated supply into bakery and food manufacture over the past few years, we are now seeing strong supply coming out of Eastern Europe, so despite increased demand, we should see additional supply on-going and, hopefully, some levels of pricing stability ongoing.l Based on information provided by ingredients supplier RM Curtislast_img read more

Morrisons set to overhaul bread selection

first_imgMorrisons is to launch a major revamp of its bread range next week. A new ’Baked by us’ range will use 100% British wheat and is to be rolled out across the supermarket’s 467 stores as part of an ’extensive’ refresh for the retailer.The launch will see 20 new artisan lines hit the shelves, as well as recipe and design improvements across 70 new lines. The new range includes 800g Farmhouse, Sunflower and Pumkin, Oat & Barley, and Batched Tiger loaves, at £1.20 each.Michael Bates, category director for bakery and chilled desserts, said: “Bread is such an important part of the weekly shop that we want to ensure we are giving our shoppers the best possible offering. We have listened extensively to what our customers have told us and undertaken the biggest ever review of our products. The Baked by us range is made using 100% British wheat and provides a wide variety of choice and price points.”The revamp to Morrisons’ range comes as the major retailers are looking to promote a ’point of difference’ in their bread offers. In September, Marks & Spencer revealed it was relaunching a number of its in-store bakeries. Asda has also been working with regional food group Heart of England Fine Foods (HEFF) to extend its range of local food and drink, with a key focus on bakery and Sainsbury’s has seen its bakery college achieve City & Guilds recognition.The bread revamp is part of a wider two-year review by Morrisons of its own-label ranges, with more than 10,000 new or revised products now being developed.The move to 100% British wheat apes its commitment to only selling 100% British beef, lamb, pork and poultry.Morrisons currently bakes more than 1.7 million loaves, 2 million rolls and 450,000 muffins every week both in-store and via its own bakeries.last_img read more

I&M plans helicopter inspections of area power lines

first_imgIndianaLocalMichiganNewsSouth Bend Market Twitter WhatsApp Google+ Twitter Previous articleRegis Philbin laid to rest at Notre DameNext articleAutopsy set for man, 35, found dead in South Bend alley Tommie Lee Pinterest I&M plans helicopter inspections of area power lines (Tommie Lee) Indiana Michigan Power will start the month of August by conducting aerial inspections, on both sides of the state line.Helicopter flights to inspect the high-voltage lines in our area begin Monday.The red and white helicopter will be flying about 50 to 100 feet above the power lines, moving at about 40 miles per hour.It will be seen over South Bend, North Central Indiana, and Southwest Michigan between August 3 and the 15.In the second half of the month, they will cover the Fort Wayne and Muncie areas. Weather could delay the schedule. Anyone with questions or concerns should call I&M. Facebook Google+ By Tommie Lee – July 31, 2020 0 460 Facebook Pinterest WhatsApplast_img read more

Goshen Health ICU at capacity as hospital has record number of COVID-19 patients

first_img Pinterest (Photo supplied/Goshen Health) Goshen Hospital is experiencing a record number of coronavirus patients and a full Intensive Care Unit.Goshen Health said in a statement Monday that the number of COVID-19 patients at Goshen Hospital is at an “all-time high” of 57, with more coming. The hospital had to cancel several surgeries Monday and some scheduled for later in the week due to a shortage of beds.“The situation is critical. The people of our community cannot afford to have our hospital focused completely on the needs of COVID-19 patients at the expense of other necessary procedures and surgeries,” said Dr. Dan Nafziger, Goshen Hospital Chief Medical Officer and Infectious Disease Specialist. “Our intensive care unit beds are full. We have had to send some patients who need intensive care to other facilities – and we may not have this option for long, as they are also filling up. Please review your Thanksgiving plans to reduce everyone’s risk.”Goshen Health is asking everyone to wear a mask when around people not in their household, avoid gatherings, and stay home when sick or exposed to someone with coronavirus. Twitter Google+ Goshen Health ICU at capacity as hospital has record number of COVID-19 patients Pinterest Google+ WhatsApp Facebook Facebook By Jon Zimney – November 23, 2020 0 287 Twitter WhatsApp CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews Previous articleAstraZeneca joins Pfizer, Moderna in developing coronavirus vaccineNext articleTwo men arrested on weapons charges after traffic stop, pursuit in South Bend Jon ZimneyJon Zimney is the News and Programming Director for News/Talk 95.3 Michiana’s News Channel and host of the Fries With That podcast. Follow him on Twitter @jzimney.last_img read more