Advocacy training for credit union employees is essential

first_imgWhen the people of the credit union movement stand together, we are most effective. Issues concerning us, our choice to be members of the nation’s credit unions and the unique structure of our chosen financial institutions are a rallying point for a grassroots effort that has historically been one of the most impactful groups in our country.When our people stand together, we lead with a loud voice, and we can change the world. Rallying those voices within the credit union movement is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. But exactly how does that happen? It is relatively simple and well worth the effort.Credit unions employees, and their members share a common bond. We call it ownership. When people are educated regarding the credit union difference, they understand that they own something. Ownership fosters a strong desire to protect and preserve. From there, it is a natural progression to engage in grassroots advocacy. The league’s efforts to train and engage advocates can pay off because when we have an issue to support or fight against, their passion drives action.Advocates can and should be everyone in a credit union, from young professionals, to front-facing employees, all the way up to the board, and executive leadership. No one group of employees can drive engagement – again, it’s an ownership question. When we train advocates at our credit unions, we want to focus on the entire employee base, because their passion will mobilize them.So how do leagues train grassroots advocates? It starts with understanding what it truly means. Making a heart connection helps illustrate the very definition of the words grassroots advocate. Simple questions about their children and families are very effective. When employees think about the people they care most about – their families – their inner advocate rises up. People would do just about anything to ensure and protect their children’s safety, education, activities and so on – it’s a similar picture to paint for advocacy. Ownership. When someone understands they have ownership, they tend to invest in something one hundred times over.In training advocates, once they grasp the ownership piece, the rest can fall in place fairly easy. Defining the process of what an advocacy program is, and the very definition of power to display the size of our movement, helps paint the picture of how we as owners have the right to speak out, stand up and defend our movement. It’s very empowering.Grassroots advocacy programs and engaged credit union employees and members are our most effective means to educate, communicate & mobilize our power to shape public policy. With a proactive and aggressive grassroots advocacy program, we will be more effective in the legislative & political arena. Effective programs illustrate membership by congressional district and use data to help impact legislative relationships.To be most effective, any grassroots program needs buy in from the top. Management at the credit union needs to take ownership and have a belief in the credit union movement. This allows key personnel to be point persons within credit unions and help communicate action items, relay information and help mobilize when needed. Our people are our power. Training and engaging them is critical to the success and growth of our movement.The Mountain West Credit Union Association is a proud partner of the AACUL League System engaging best practices and collaboration between state and regional credit union leagues and associations. 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Scott Earl Scott Earl serves as the president and chief executive officer of the Mountain West Credit Union Association. This association is a combined entity comprising the Arizona Credit Union League, the … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Indonesia confirms new cases, calls for calm

first_imgThe government has called for calm, saying that most cases of the disease are mild, including Case 1 and Case 2.The two patients — a 64-year-old and her 31-year-old daughter — are currently undergoing treatment in isolation at Sulianti Suroso Infectious Diseases Hospital (RSPI Sulianti Suroso) and are reportedly in a stable condition.“They are generally in a good condition. […] As of today, alhamdulillah [praise God], they no longer have a fever,” RSPI president director Mohammad Syahril said, adding that the patients’ shortness of breath and coughing had also improved.“Both can do other activities, they can eat by themselves without being fed, they can change their clothes and go to the bathroom without any assistance from their family or nurses.”The government plans to continue tracing people suspected of having had contact with Cases 1 and 2, now classified as a single cluster, in order to prevent the emergence of new subclusters.Yurianto said the ministry would observe the people identified in the first cluster. He explained that even though not all had complained of having any symptoms related to COVID-19, the ministry would continue to observe them to ensure transmission had not occurred.Indonesia had tested 227 samples as of Thursday evening, two of which were found to be positive. Health officials are awaiting the results of 13 samples, with their providers being kept in isolation at various hospitals, while the rest came out negative.At least five suspected coronavirus patients have died, although four had been confirmed to be negative for the disease.Bayu Krisnamurthi, who led the National Committee for Avian Flu Control and Pandemic Preparedness between 2006 and 2010, said the situation was still under control, as the new cases were linked to the first two cases.“It would be more serious if a community transmission occurred, meaning that a person was infected who had not had any contact with the confirmed coronavirus patients and did not have any travel history to countries experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks,” he said.However, Syahrizal Syarief, an epidemiology expert at the University of Indonesia, said the government was not doing enough to contain the contagion.Syarief, who is also a member of a special expert team established by the government to handle its Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) containment efforts in 2003, argued there were 71 medical workers at Mitra Keluarga Hospital who might have also had close contact with the first two cases.Cases 1 and 2 visited Mitra Keluarga Hospital on Feb. 27, where they were diagnosed with bronchitis.“From the start, I have said that the 71 people who had a contact history with the Cases 1 and 2 must be quarantined and be tested even if they haven’t shown any symptoms because they were obviously at risk [of infection],” he said.Also on Friday, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo released a video about the virus in which he gave tips on how to avoid infection. The video was part of the government’s efforts to calm the public, as panic buying begins to take hold.The President said the biggest enemy was not the virus, but fear triggered by false information.The government has stepped up its efforts to contain the virus by assigning labs under the Health Ministry to conduct throat swab tests and expand the criteria for people who should be tested for the disease.On Thursday, the government announced new travel restrictions for people with a history of travel to coronavirus-hit regions in Iran, South Korea and Italy in the wake of a significant surge in COVID-19 cases globally. Mainland China was the first country to face a travel ban.According to the John Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, 100,330 people had been infected in at least 83 countries as of Friday, with 80,556 confirmed cases and 3,042 deaths recorded in China. Outside mainland China, there were 19,774 confirmed cases with 366 deaths, with the majority of casualties recorded in Italy with 148 deaths, followed by Iran with 124.Topics : “Of the seven, two tested positive for COVID-19, who we will call Case 3 and Case 4,” he added.Yurianto, who also serves as the government’s spokesperson for its handling of the virus outbreak, declined to reveal the genders of the two new confirmed cases. However, he explained that the two new patients were 32 and 34 years old.“Their body temperatures are around 37 to 37.6 degrees Celsius. They suffer from coughing and sniffles, but show no signs of shortness of breath. We hope their condition will improve after our intervention,” Yurianto said.He also declined to identify the location where the patients were possibly infected, stating only that: “One thing is for sure, they don’t live in the same house.” The Health Ministry announced on Friday that two new COVID-19 cases linked to the first two confirmed cases had been recorded, prompting calls for the government to work faster to trace those who have had contact with the infected patients to prevent a mass contagion.The new cases were detected after the ministry traced some 20 people who had been in contact with a woman and her mother — identified as Case 1 and Case 2 — who contracted the virus after the daughter visited a Jakarta restaurant and took part in a dance event that was also attended by an infected Japanese tourist.“We found seven suspected carriers. We took them to the Sulianti Saroso Infectious Disease Hospital for observation and isolation because they showed physical symptoms associated with influenza, such as coughing and a mild fever,” the ministry’s Disease Control and Prevention Directorate General secretary, Achmad Yurianto, said on Friday.last_img read more

Rams’ Nickell Robey-Coleman fined $26K for controversial hit in Super Bowl, report says

first_imgRams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman is facing yet another hefty fine for a controversial hit that happened during Super Bowl 53. For the second straight game, #Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman was fined $26,739 for a hit on a defenseless player — this time Rex Burkhead in the Super Bowl LIII loss to the #Patriots.And yes, Robey-Coleman was flagged for this one.— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) February 9, 2019This marks the second fine Robey-Coleman is facing for hits made during the offseason. He was involved in the infamous helmet-to-helmet hit on Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis at the end of the NFC championship, and was fined another $26,739 after the Rams’ 26-23 overtime victory.The Rams ended up falling to the Patriots 13-3 in Super Bowl 53. Related News The NFL fined Robey-Coleman $26,739 for a hit on a defenseless player, NFL Network reported Saturday. His helmet-to-helmet hit occurred in the first quarter as he took down Patriots running back Rex Burkhead, resulting in a 15-yard penalty.center_img Former Patriots RB Antowain Smith on Tom Brady: ‘To me, he is the G.O.A.T.’last_img read more

Heisler: Lakers already closing in on Anthony Davis, but with lots of competition

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with Packers“Come to the Bucks, man,” Giannis Antetokuonmpo told Davis after their game. “Come to the Bucks.”Davis didn’t comment.Sign up for Home Turf and get exclusive stories every SoCal sports fan must read, sent daily. Subscribe here.Actually, Davis, who played through illness in Milwaukee, declined to talk to the press … perhaps further upset at the latest furor after James told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin that trading for A.D. “would be amazing. Like, duh. That would be incredible.”Unfortunately for A.D., Giannis extended his invitation to join him in a hall, surrounded by press people … making it the first star-to-star pitch witnessed in real time.Of course, nothing can happen unless Davis, who’s under contract through 2019, demands a trade. Now, the latest entry in the campaign to woo Anthony Davis:(Fill in your favorite team’s name here.)What was once mere speculation is now a folk movement as the schedule – aka the Pelican Death March – winds through Boston, where Celtics fans see Davis as their next Bill Russell … to Milwaukee, where the Pelicans took another loss and A.D. got another pitch … to Staples Center, where Lakerdom, starting with LeBron James, sees him as next in their line of Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Shaquille O’Neal.Yes, it’s come to that. The Lakers are now vying for a superstar with Milwaukee, the Great White North of the NBA. If Lakers president Magic Johnson, or anyone in any front office, said what James and Antetokuonmpo did, the NBA would fine them hundreds of thousands of dollars for tampering.Players, on the other hand, are allowed carte blanche to recruit each other.Something similar happened in Boston where The Athletic reported Kyrie Irving and Davis spoke “about what it would be like to play together in Boston, according to a league source.”Not that this may reflect anything more than furious internet competition for “scoops” with “league sources” passing along hearsay, so the A.D.-Kyrie talks might have been anything from serious to fleeting.With A.D. seeming to tilt toward the Lakers after dumping his agent to hire LeBron’s pal, Rich Paul, I’d guess it went like this:Kyrie: “You’ve got to come here. We’d be great together!”A.D.: “Yeah, that would be cool.”This just in! More teams are expected to let Davis know they want him, too: Atlanta, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, and that’s just through the C’s.Nevertheless, this looks real, rather than a media hype with little basis in fact … like the courtship of James by desperate New York fans from 2008 to 2010, before the Knicks’ declining fortunes knocked them out of the running at the end when it came down to Miami and Cleveland.Wherever the Pelicans go, they’re obliged to rally around Davis with Coach Alvin Gentry proclaiming he’s theirs and will stay that way, and A.D. agreeing … up to a point.“We’re not trading him,” Gentry said before Friday’s loss to the Lakers. “He’s under contract another year and a half. That’s the easy part on our side. That’s from our owner all the way down to the last ball boy on our team. We’re not trading him.”Gentry has been a favorite with the local press from his days as Clippers coach and an assistant on Doc Rivers’ staff.Nevertheless, I’d guess what Alvin is really thinking is: “We’re not trading him. Hopefully, we’ll right the ship, he’ll be moved to stay and this will go away. In the meantime, we’ll keep the faith since that’s all we have left.”Of course, the Pelicans won’t trade Davis until they know they must. A.D. is signaling that his decision point will come this summer, when the team is sure to offer him a “super-max” extension worth approximately $240 million, $87 million more than any other team can.Unfortunately for the Pelicans, it doesn’t look like even that will be enough.“I’d take legacy over money,” Davis told Yahoo’s Chris Haynes last week. “I want to have a legacy. All my people that look up to me, the younger kids, I want them to know about A.D.’s legacy. Championships, the things I do in the community, being a good teammate, playing hard.”Oops. The Pelicans shot from 34-48 to 48-34 last season, but are now 15-18, No. 13 in the West, with A.D. noting he must play “almost perfect” to win.Put it all together and it spells “death spiral.”For the maraschino cherry atop the sundae of the Pelicans’ misery, A.D. went to dinner with James after the loss to the Lakers.LeBron’s comments about trading for Davis burned up the NBA last week with small markets worried their stars might be looted next.Nevertheless, the league put out the word that tampering applies only to management, as much as LeBron pushes the envelope.Of course, the Lakers could tell you how little it can mean to be a mega-market, or even the NBA’s most glamorous franchise, which is what they were when the bottom dropped out after their 2010 title.The Lakers are once more the stars’ destination of choice with the gregarious James, the Pied Piper of NBA players, in the place of Kobe Bryant, an entity unto himself who inspired more respect than affection.The fix is, indeed, in with Davis, as Charles Barkley noted last week, making it official, at least as a conspiracy theory.Not that it was any surprise with LeBron’s history of coordinating his moves with peers, be they stars like Dwyane Wade or role players like Mike Miller.The A.D.-to-Lakers story is now galloping miles ahead of current events. NBA team officials seem reconciled to Davis joining the Lakers, but worry he’ll demand a short-term deal – as LeBron did in Cleveland and Miami – signaling stars’ intentions to exert even more power.In real life, this will take months to play out, presumably in the summer. For the moment, at least, A.D. looks like he’s on track, heading straight into the heart of Lakerdom.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Raiders’ Jon Gruden: Antonio Brown ‘ready to go’ after using certified helmet

first_img Andrew Luck injury update: Colts QB (lower leg) won’t practice this week Antonio Brown heads into the team’s performance center as practice starts and helmets come on.— Scott Bair (@BairNBCS) August 20, 2019Brown reportedly returned to the Raiders on Monday as the team broke training camp in Napa, Calif., but filed another grievance against the NFL over the issue.Per“(Brown is) arguing that he should be afforded the same rights provided to other NFL players to have a 1-year grace period to phase out his helmet in the 2019 season. He claims the NFL is arbitrarily applying rules.”It’s been a messy couple weeks for Brown. First, the helmet he had worn with the Steelers was removed from the NFL’s approved list and he lost an arbitration appeal to use the old model earlier this month. Then, Brown and the NFL reached a compromise which would have allowed him to use the helmet model he likes if he could find one made within the past 10 years. “He’s all in and ready to go,” Gruden told reporters. “That’s my understanding. Really happy to have him out here. He’s a great player.”After partaking in the walk-through before the workout, Brown was seen exiting the field and heading to the weight room as practice started and helmets came on, though he later returned for the end of the team’s stretch. Related News Julio Jones’ agent headed to Atlanta to talk new Falcons deal, report says Jimmy Garoppolo ‘obviously a little frustrated’ with lackluster preseason debut Could there be an end in sight for the Antonio Brown helmetgate?According to Raiders coach Jon Gruden, the wide receiver is “all-in” and “ready to go” after participating in Tuesday’s practice at the team’s facility with a certified helmet. However, the league reversed that decision Sunday after the helmet he chose went through additional testing and failed.Should Brown’s latest helmet actually clear all the hurdles with the NFL, he could be ready to make his Oakland debut next month.Always turn a negative to a positive #Boomin— AB (@AB84) August 20, 2019The Raiders have two preseason games remaining before they host the Broncos in their regular-season opener Sept. 9.last_img read more

SDF defends improvements to St Jago’s field

first_imgDenzil Wilks, general manager of the Sports Development Foundation, says that the body has done all it can to improve the playing surfaces at St. Jago High, despite complaints from the school that the body has neglected it. Officials at St. Jago had previously said that they are worried that they may not be able to prepare a team in time for next year’s staging of the ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls Athletics Championships in March because of difficulties finding a place to host training sessions. This, according to them, is because the field at the school was in what they describe as a “shoddy state” but Wilks told The Gleaner that the surface is in what he calls 90 to 95 per cent of what would be ideal. “If we were to complete it to ideal, what it would require is another couple of months without interference and that could not be afforded,” he says. The interference Wilks refers to is that of student athletes training on the field, which affects the growth of grass. The Gleaner visited the school recently and saw grass on the surface but there was also dirt patches in various areas, as well as weeds. Wilks says, however, that the field was handed over in good condition but says it has been worsened by the teams’ activities on it. At the time of The Gleaner’s visit, there were also four different teams carrying out training on the surface. These were the boys’ and the girls’ track teams, as well as the girls’ football team and the boys’ cricket team. Wilks says SDF officials visit the school on a weekly basis to assess the condition of the facilities since it was handed over on November 14. Meanwhile, one St Jago official, who asked not to be identified, noted that the school has no choice but to have its teams train on the field at this point. The teams were originally training at the Spanish Town Prison Oval, home of Rivoli FC. They have since been asked to find another location because the football club needs the venue to not only train, but play their St. Catherine FA Major League matches. Parents also requested a change in location because of fear of the safety of their children getting home at nights. But one of the school’s coaches remains positive, being able to now train on the field. “Half a loaf is better than none. At least we’re training now and we’re happy. I prefer to be training on the field in this state than to have no field at all,” he said.last_img read more