Bale: your most negotiating side

first_imgBale’s image in Wales is very different from that of Real Madrid, closer to apathy and coldness than commitment. In each FIFA break, a player has been seen to be much more involved with his team than with the white club. That raised suspicion at the Bernabéu and also controversy. His last appearance with the Welsh team lit a wick that has not been extinguished. After qualifying to play the final phase of the Eurocup, he jumped with happiness with a banner that put “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order” (Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order “), something that unnerved white fans. The Bernabéu greeted him with a loud whistle when jumping onto the field in the next game, on November 23, in the match that Madrid beat Real Sociedad (3-1). His relationship with the Bernabéu stands has been a roller coaster and his image has been changing its price until reaching the red numbers. Now, he is back on the exit ramp … Nothing to do with the aura that Bale has in his country. Leader of his team, involved in the field and committed to the offices to help his colleagues. If the Real Madrid dressing room baptized Gareth Bale as The Golfer (The Golfer) For his unbridled passion for the sport, in Wales he might well be known as The Negotiator. Because the Real Madrid player is in charge, along with Chris Gunter, of negotiate with the Welsh Federation the bonuses players receive for each victory.Giggs’ men will be at the Eurocup which, due to the coronavirus crisis, will be held next year and, in principle, the premiums negotiated by the madridista will remain, who in his team is a committed leader. With the team and with his teammates. This was revealed by Gunter himself, in statements reproduced by The Sun: “It all started with me, Ashley Williams, Bale and Ramsey. We needed to have a conversation about this. Williams was sitting, watching the world go by, relaxed, without getting involved. Ramsey the same. So we were Bale and I who were fighting and discussing every little point. “Bale showed his most ‘combative’ side in order to scratch off the biggest prize for the Welsh dressing room: “Members of the Welsh federation are not difficult to deal with, but Bale and I will fight for the boys if there is anything that needs to be resolved. To be fair to Bale, he is fighting for an extra bonus for each team victory, but he doesn’t need any more money to win. He needs to get more credit. But he is still fighting for the rest of us, to try to win a decent amount of money in this game. ”last_img read more