Interrobang Design Collaborative, Inc. launches their new web site

first_imgInterrobang Design Collaborative, Inc., The Office of Mark and Lisa Sylvester, has launched their new web site. Covering the studio’s core capabilities, and displaying in-depth portfolio sections for Identity, Packaging, Print, Typefaces and Design Management, the site gives potential clients and existing collaborators thorough insight into the studio’s work and mindset.”We designed the site to function mainly as an online portfolio, allowing the work to take center stage,” says Mark. “Viewers can browse the categories individually, or go to the Design Management section to see a chronological history of work for select clients. When you have a client like TDK Electronics for over 9 years, you have quite a brand evolution story to tell.””We treated this project like any other we undertake. We went through several versions internally before presenting the overall direction and some variations to our outside programmer. They reviewed the overall strategy of the site, gave us constructive criticism, and clarified our technical questions so that we could proceed with confidence,” says Lisa.The Sylvester’s are often asked how a 2 person studio can truly be a “collaborative”. “The answer isn’t in our size, but in how we orchestrate the blending and building of the various components of a project, says Mark. “The client has their initial brief of the project, we set strategy for the team and keep everyone on task, we hire writers, photographers and illustrators to create needed words and imagery, and the overall solution grows from this fluid process of collaboration. We keep our overhead low, and have the ability to bring in the right people for a projects’ scope and budget.”Interrobang Design Collaborative is a full spectrum design studio that provides design and consulting services that range from identity and print to multimedia and website design as well as three dimensional objects and spaces.Interrobang’s clients range from local Vermont start-up businesses like Switchback Brewing Co., Soapdish and Fitness Options to large international corporations like TDK Electronics Corporation. The projects range in scope from identity designs to elaborate packaging systems, catalogs and publications.Their individual and joint work has been well recognized, winning awards from the AIGA, IDSA (Gold award for Product Design), American Center for Design 100 Show and many more. The couple’s work has appeared in numerous exhibitions including the Type and Image exhibit at the Design Museum in London, the Identity for Letters exhibit at the Centre de George Pompideau in Paris, The Cranbrook Poster Show, and Soul Design. Their work has also been published in Typography Now, The Graphic Edge, Radical Graphic/Graphic Radicals, Print, Émigré, Ray Gun, ID, Graphis and Eye magazines.The new site can be viewed at is external). Tag New Media provided the Flash 8 programming.For more information please contact:Mark D. SylvesterInterrobang Design Collaborative, Inc.2385 Huntington RoadRichmond, Vermont 05477802 434 [email protected](link sends e-mail)last_img read more

Jeremy Woolfe: British officials fret over EU pension obligations

first_imgFurther reinforcing the position of British personnel is Article 83 of the EU staff regulations, which states that “benefits paid under this pension scheme shall be charged to the budget of the Union”, while member states “shall jointly guarantee payment of such benefits”.Félix Géradon, of the Union Syndicale, the major union for public-service employees, thus says that one could imagine the remaining EU member states could well request that the UK assume some responsibility for the overall pension expenditure, as part of the ultimate Brexit agreement.As for background figures, the total annual outgoings towards pension payouts for all national groups and for all the EU institutions are estimated, by the Commission, at more than €1.6bn for this year. It is on this – and on the basis that UK participation in the total head-count is low (3.8% in the Commission itself, for example) – that the annual €16.4m pension cost for Brits is based.When it comes to capital liability, according to a Commission source, the EU officials’ pension scheme functions as a “notional fund”, not as a pay-as-you-go scheme. Hence, the argument is, if the liability were to be handed over to a fund, it would have been, for 2014, €58bn. This pension liability is as calculated annually under the International Public Sector Accounting Standard (Ipsas-25). Along the same lines, the total proportion of capital liability for the UK appears to be around €2.2bn.  Evidence of anxiety among British pension beneficiaries, present and future – including, presumably, from Brits in the London-based European Banking Authority – is in the air. One senior British official in Brussels tells IPE that instructions had been sent to Commission staff not to answer questions from the press. And, unusually for him, he did not.Another commentator adds to the disquiet – a Commission retiree informs IPE that enforcement of any judgment, from the European Court of Justice would be beyond the remit of the court. Backing this up, the court itself states that it is up to the relevant member states to implement any ruling.Bearing this in mind, when it comes to the crunch, will the 27 national governments remaining in the EU take their payment-obligation position lying down? Will they agree, during forthcoming Brexit negotiations, to have their taxpayers support the “treacherous” interests of its British “adversary”? And could the opposite, then, apply to any future UK government as well?All of these unanswered questions would seem to justify British officials’ increasingly nervous nail-biting. Our man in Brussels wonders where the post-Brexit burden of UK officials’ pensions might lieFuture negotiations over the UK’s shock decision to leave the European Union (EU) could raise questions over annual payments and capital liability related to pensions for British citizens who work, or have worked, at the various EU institutions. On current estimates, the sums involved represent around €16.4m per year, or a capital total of something to the tune of €2.2bn.As a result, there exists some disquiet among the estimated 1,730 UK nationals now retired from EU institutions. Also involved are the existing British-citizen, EU employees with future pension claims. Their total head count is roughly the same, and includes a precise 1,164 currently working in the European Commission.The vital question is where the burden should fall following the finalisation of the Brexit process. From a legal point of view, the remaining EU 27 member states will have to continue paying the pensions of former staff. This position was supported by a recent letter from EC president Jean-Claude Juncker to British personnel, reassuring them that they “remain Union officials”. Martin Schultz, head of the European Parliament, related a similarly cosy message.last_img read more

Area Volleyball Regional Scores

first_imgArea Volleyball Regional ScoresSaturday (10-21)Class 2A @ Mitchell.Christian Academy defeated North Decatur in three sets.The Lady Warriors won The Regionals.Class 1A @ Morristown.Hauser defeated Indy Lutheran in five sets.The Lady Jets defeated Indy Tindley in three sets to win The Regionals and will battle Barr-Reeve at The Semi-States.Class 3A @ Corydon Central.Silver Creek defeated Madison in four sets.The Lady Dragons won The Regionals.2017 Class 1A Volleyball Regionals2017 Class 2A Volleyball Regionals2017 Class 3A Volleyball Regionals2017 Class 4A Volleyball Regionalslast_img