G-Nome Project Announces Chicago Show With Chachuba

first_imgIsraeli livetronica act G-Nome Project has been making a name for themselves in the U.S. since their first shows on this side of the pond a couple of years back. This summer the group will be touring around the States, with a major play at Camp Bisco the weekend of 15th-17th. Along with those previously announced dates, G-Nome Project has announced a headlining gig at Chicago venue Subterranean on Saturday, September 17th, with support from local Chi-town trancefusion/jam act Chachuba. (Purchase tickets HERE)G-Nome Project is comprised of keyboardist Eyal Salomon, guitarist Shlomo Langer, bassist Zechariah Reich, and drummer Chemy Soibelman. The Jerusalem-based act have taken their local scene by storm, selling out venues in their hometown, all the way to Tel Aviv with their brand of electro-funk. Chachuba, a four-piece trancefusion/jam act from Chicago, made up of Nate Beitz (bass), Sean DiCosola (keys/production), Paul Feinstein (drums), and Jimmy Klimek (guitar/303), is able to transcend genres with heavy and melodic guitar riffs, synths, and funky beats. If you like to get down, don’t sleep on this show. It’s going to be a hot one!Show:         Live For Live Music Presents: G-Nome Project w/ ChachubaVenue:        SubterraneanDate:          Saturday – September 17th, 2016Time:          Doors 8pm / Show 9pmTickets:       $12adv / $15dos (Purchase HERE)last_img read more

Made to shade

first_img“Like the farmers market, [the canopy] is another attraction and it’s great for getting out of the sun,” said Williams. “This is good for the community. It’s open to everybody and it’s a great way to get people out here.”The canopy will be up through Aug. 17.The plaza is just one of a number of common spaces across campus designed to bring people together. From the colorful Luxembourg chairs in Harvard Yard to the porch outside the Memorial Church and the soon-to-be-opened Richard A. and Susan F. Smith Campus Center, these designated areas create stronger bonds among community members and help fulfill President Drew Faust’s vision for One Harvard. Harvard through Drew Faust’s eyes Faust’s ambitious goal to create places of engagement will be a lasting legacy ‘In our common spaces lie uncommon opportunities’ Related Whether seeking solitude or socializing, there’s a spot for you Study spaces call to students Outgoing president reflects on her favorite spaces on campus Just outside the Science Center, waves of shade cascade across the plaza, providing respite from the summer sun — the product of a recently installed canopy dubbed Wavelength that combines form and function to create a practical and visually striking work of art.Stretching more than 130 feet along the west side of the Science Center Plaza, hundreds of red, flag-like banners hang from wires, gently swaying. Underneath, crimson Adirondack chairs, decks, and café tables let visitors enjoy the outdoors on the sunniest of days. A large synthetic lawn (complete with giant chess set and Ping-Pong table) completes this urban oasis.“One of our objectives is to make the plaza a destination for the Harvard community 365 days a year,” said Julie Crites, director for Common Spaces. “This shade canopy will greatly enhance the usability and overall enjoyment of the space in the warmer months.”The canopy, designed by Interboro Partners, is the result of a collaboration among Harvard Common Spaces, Harvard Planning Office, and Project for Public Spaces.A key design parameter was that the structure complement, and not interfere with, programs and events. “We tried to design something that was almost column-free, with a very wide span,” said Daniel D’Oca, associate professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and a co-founder of Interboro Partners. “That was primarily driven by the goal of making something beautiful and memorable without it being in the way of the many wonderful activities happening on the ground.”,While the team had the artistic freedom to create something colorful, vibrant, and full of movement, there were also practical considerations. The canopy had to be secured to the ground using foundation anchors already embedded within the plaza’s concrete pavers. “The way it’s designed, with the flags hanging vertically, it not only looks good, but provides the necessary amount of movement while not adding significantly to the uplift,” D’Oca said. “If you were to stretch a solid piece of fabric across the area it would act as a sail and put stress on the foundation.”The canopy isn’t just for the Harvard community. On a recent Tuesday, Frank Williams of Boston and a companion were passing through campus and stopped to rest at the plaza.last_img read more

#84: Dell EMC World Day 2, Getting Hands On

first_imgDell EMC The Source 84 – Hands on Labs at Dell EMC World 2017SPECIAL REPORT: It is time to Roll up your sleeves and get technical. The Dell EMC World hands on labs represent the heart of knowledge offered at Dell EMC World. Get in front of the technology, use it, learn it, get everything you need with access to Subject Matter Experts. It’s the perfect opportunity to deepen your skills.With over 40 Hands on labs, and instructor lead classrooms is it the perfect opportunity for you to prepare for a Dell EMC Proven certification, and invest in your future – and it’s all included in your Dell EMC World registration.I spent some time with Joe Correia (@JosephAtDell) and Maurice Harty (@MauriceHarty) in the lobby of the Hands on lab zone to get details. Be sure to follow the Hands-on Lab (@DellEMCHOL) for details.The Source Podcast: Episode #84: Dell EMC World 2017 Day 2, Getting Hands OnAudio Playerhttp://traffic.libsyn.com/thesource/EMC_The_Source_Episode_84_audio.mp300:0000:0000:00Use Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Don’t miss “Dell EMC The Source” app in the App Store. Be sure to subscribe to Dell EMC The Source Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Google Play and visit the official blog at thesourceblog.emc.comEMC: The Source Podcast is hosted by Sam Marraccini (@SamMarraccini) Dell EMC The Source 84 – Hands on Labs at Dell EMC World 2017last_img read more

GALA-ND/SMC awards LGBTQ scholarships

first_imgThe Gay and Lesbian Alumni of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s (GALA-ND/SMC) named Notre Dame junior Samuel Cho and Saint Mary’s junior Maranda Pennington the recipients of its 2016-2017 LGBTQ student scholarships.Jack Bergen, the chair of GALA and a 1977 Notre Dame graduate, said the scholarship was instituted in spring of 2015, making this year its second consecutive year in what he hopes to be a continued tradition.“When we were starting this up, we talked … and decided creating this scholarship would be a great way to demonstrate our support and to help eligible and qualified students with their financial burden at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s,” he said.Bergen said like most alumni groups, GALA has two primary purposes — to continue to engage alumni of the University and the College and to stimulate interactions between alumni and current students.“As a result of the University more actively recognizing the LGBTQ student population as part of the community, we felt that it was time to do more for the LGBTQ students on campus,” he said.To be eligible for the scholarship, students must identify within the LGBTQ community and have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above, according to GALA’s website. Additionally, applicants must be willing to be identified as scholarship recipients and complete a service project.Applicants submit a written application and from there are invited to interview for the scholarship. A four-person selection committee consisting of a combination of GALA officers and board members then selects the two recipients, Bergen said.Bergen said the number of students that applied was between four and six, creating an “extremely strong” pool of applicants for this year’s award.“But as we went through the process, these two individuals rose to the top,” he said. “… They each had a different and unique perspective as to what their experience has been and what they want to do to give back to the community.”Cho said he thinks GALA’s scholarship is a “positive force” on both the Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s campuses.“Only recently PrismND was recognized as a club by the University of Notre Dame,” he said. “The visibility of LGBTQ students on campus is crucial for the inclusion of those who may have felt excluded before.”During his time at the University, Cho has been an active member of both PrismND — a student organization founded to provide support for the University’s LGBTQ community — and the Asian American Association, according to GALA’s website. He will serve as co-chair of Diversity Council for the upcoming academic year.“I have and will continue to work hard to champion the inclusion of LGBTQ members on campus and create a setting that will truly be respectful and accepting of everyone who identifies within the LGBTQ community,” Cho said. “Hopefully soon we will see a Notre Dame that allows all of its students to live true to themselves.”Cho said his fulfillment of the scholarship’s community service requirement is still in the planning stages.“I hope to create a project that could be sustained for years to come even after I graduate and provide an outlet to recognize and celebrate those of the LGBTQ community,” he said.Pennington has been vice president of the College’s Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA) and has held a number of leadership positions for the Saint Mary’s College Dance Marathon (SMCDM), according to GALA’s website.For her community service project, Pennington said she would like to create a blog or video to document the stories of LGBTQ students at Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s to help both students and members of the greater community to “see the humanity and commonality in one another,” according to GALA’s website.Over the next five years, Bergen said GALA hopes to raise $500,000 to fund an endowed scholarship. At the end of June, GALA will host a fundraising event in the Los Angeles area, which Bergen said students are welcome to attend.Bergen said he thinks the campus climate surrounding LGBTQ issues has made significant progress in recent years — particularly with the founding of PrismND, the University’s first officially recognized LGBTQ student organization, in 2013.“I think the general consensus is things have gotten a lot better, but a lot of work still has to be done,” he said.Notre Dame’s Catholic identity creates a “unique environment” for LGBTQ students and alumni, Bergen said.“We’re not looking to change Notre Dame’s foundation in the faith that it relies upon,” he said. “But we’d like to see them embrace LGBTQ individuals more, especially as it relates to being whole individuals and supporting them just as any other member of the Notre Dame community.”GALA was founded in 1994, Bergen said, when Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s alumni recognized a need to provide a network to LGBTQ members of the community. The organization now has about 1,000 people on its email list, he said.Moving forward, Bergen said he would like to see the University recognize GALA as an official alumni association. Last fall, GALA presented to the Notre Dame Alumni Association, and its status is currently under review.“It’s great that the University recognizes LGBTQ students and supports them within the undergraduate community. But once they graduate, they’ve lost that support from the University,” he said. “We’re looking to encourage them to continue to support the LGBTQ community.”Tags: GALA, GALA scholarship, GALA-ND/SMC, LGBTQ, PrismNDlast_img read more

Power Shift offers new ‘Cloud’ email

first_imgLocal Internet company, Power Shift, is pleased to announce that it is now offering a new email service to its business customers. CloudMail is a next generation email solution that features secure hosting within a Cloud environment, as well as enhanced email applications.‘We have had challenges in the past with email services and servers,’ notes Ryan Meravi, Power Shift’s sales manager. ‘With CloudMail, the challenges are in the past. Emails are hosted in the Cloud, an extremely stable and secure environment, and the additional features should appeal to small and large business customers alike.’The new email service is available to all Power Shift’s domain hosted email customers now, and features increased storage, enhanced spam protection, easy syncing of calendars, contacts, and email with mobile devices, and more.Founded in 1992, Power Shift provides global Web hosting, design, and advanced email services to individuals and businesses, with small town customer service from its offices in Stowe, Vermont. For more information, contact Power Shift at 802-253-6287 or visit them at www.pshift.com(link is external) .  Source: PowerShift. STOWE, VT ‘ May 12, 2011 ‘last_img read more

A Week of Water

first_imgI don’t drink enough water.I know that. If you’re like me, you likely start your day off with a cup (or three) of coffee, maybe down a liter of water around noon, and then finish off the day with a couple of cold Devils Backbone brews.That’s not good.IMG_0034Granted, I don’t pump my body full of Gatorade or soda or any of that garbage. But at the end of the day, I’m dehydrating my body more than I’m hydrating it.So what gives? I’m pretty active too, so I know I’m only doing more harm than good. I think part of the reason stems from the longstanding “8×8” rule that everyone has preached for years. Eight 8-oz glasses per day? First off, when do I ever have an 8-oz glass around me? If I’m not drinking out of my CamelBak Chute then I’m drinking straight from the source à la LifeStraw. That’s hard to keep track of. Secondly, I’m not one to casually sip all day. I’m a chugger. I wait until I am SO UNGODLY THIRSTY that I could probably drink an entire kiddie pool full of water, and then usually, I do.Recently though, I’ve been feeling downright tired. Maybe it’s the “change in weather,” maybe I haven’t been eating enough veggies (though I’m a pretty responsible vegetarian). I know it’s not lack of sleep, because if there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s sleeping and sleeping enough. After a little research, I found that a lack of hydration could be contributing to my sleepy syndrome along with a horde of other side effects that, the more I thought about it, the more I realized I had.Irritability. Fatigue. Joint pain. Lack of concentration. Headaches.In a nutshell, not drinking enough water is, for me, a recipe for disaster. Especially for active people who like to go outside and play, drinking enough water is essential. So how much do you actually need? Does the 8×8 rule still hold true?While eight 8-oz glasses of water is a great start, it’s not enough.Some sources say to start out drinking half of your body weight in ounces (so, for the 120lb girl who doesn’t exercise, 60-some ounces may be enough). But according to the Institute of Medicine, women should be consuming 91 ounces per day and men 125. On average, over 40% of Americans do not consume even close to that. As age increases in a person, so too does the likelihood that they are not properly hydrating (95% of men aged 50-70 did not drink enough water in 2013).This is bad, people!Considering we live in a country where finding free, clean water is (relatively) easy to come by, we have no excuse.IMG_9985Aside from creating a really cool product, LifeStraw’s mission is not just to help outdoor enthusiasts find safe drinking water; their goal is to also provide educational institutions around the world with safe drinking water. For every LifeStraw purchase you make, one child in Africa receives clean drinking water for an entire school year. Next month, the company will provide purifiers to over 300 schools in Kenya, reaching over 125,000 children in the area.When you consider that 50% of schools around the world don’t have fresh water or adequate sanitation, it makes you feel pretty damn lucky to be in a country where that basic necessity is (generally) met. Why not take advantage of that freedom and get your daily dose of H20?Starting today, I will be drinking the recommended minimum (91 ounces) every day for seven days. Join me in the #weekofwater, and while you’re at it, get yourself a few LifeStraw products. Their signature straw is a must-have on any trip, from kayaking to biking and trail running. Lightweight, simple, and effective, this straw is small enough to fit anywhere and doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals to kill bacteria. Buy one here and you’ll help a child in Africa get clean drinking water for one entire school year. What’s not to love about that?DCIM101GOPROlast_img read more

Woman drowns on Nolichucky River while on church rafting trip + Man found dead in Smokies is identified

first_imgThe Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources has stocked approximately 2,400 endangered freshwater mussels into the Green River, according to E&E News. Half of the mussels were placed into the river within Mammoth Cave National Park and the other half were placed farther upriver. The initiative seeks to restore the rayed bean mussel, which disappeared from Kentucky more than 40 years ago. A park spokesperson said that nothing is yet known about the cause of death. The bear that scavenged on Madura’s remains was euthanized by law enforcement rangers. Madura’s death is at least the ninth fatality in the park this year.  Man found dead in Smokies is identified A woman on a church rafting trip drowned on the Nolichucky River in Mitchell County, N.C. when her boat capsized. The woman was rafting with a group from Odom’s Chapel Freewill Baptist Church in Bakersville, N.C. Officials have identified the woman as 64-year-old Louvella Yelton Arrowood of Bakersville. Her obituary says she served as a nurse for many years. Photo: Nolichucky River, Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee. Courtesy of Getty Images by epantha A man who was found dead at a backcountry campsite in Great Smoky Mountains National Park on September 11 has been identified as Patrick Madura, 43, of Elgin, Illinois. Madura’s remains were found near campsite 82 in the Hazel Creek backcountry area, the National Park Service said. A bear was found nearby scavenging on his remains.center_img Kentucky’s Green River stocked with 2,400 endangered mussels Witnesses say Arrowood was wearing a life vest and a helmet when she went underwater. She remained submerged for 5 to 8 minutes before being pulled out. CPR was performed at the scene but was unsuccessful. “The area where the victim went in is called the ‘Quarter-mile Rapids’ because for a quarter mile stretch there is nothing but rapids,” Officer William Boone said. “The river was high at the time of the raft flipping over.”  Woman drowns on Nolichucky River while on church rafting trip “The reintroduction of the federally endangered rayed bean into Mammoth Cave National Park is an important step in reestablishing this species in its historic Kentucky range,” said Mammoth Cave Science and Resource Management Chief Tim Pinion. last_img read more

8 social media pitfalls & opportunities for credit unions

first_imgWe’ve all heard this: “More social media engagement is a must! More, more, more. Now, now, now.”That’s fine and dandy as a concept, but most marketers at credit unions are already spread thin. Social media has typically gotten shortchanged as a result. Financial institutions have, for the most part, gotten away with it, largely because finances were one topic too personal or too important for most customers to interact with on social media.That has officially changed.Since mobile is rising faster than any other banking channel, these numbers are quite eye-opening. In the eye-popping department, these same people interacting with their institution through social media are younger, more affluent, and are more satisfied than those who don’t.1Thankfully, there are ample ways to make social media magic happen for your credit union.Before we get to the top 4 ways to maximize your social ROI, it’s important to recognize the top 4 social media pitfalls. (It’s OK if some are painfully familiar!)Top 4 Social Media Pitfalls to AvoidHeaping it onto an already full plate. This is where every company starts, and it rarely succeeds. The conundrum is the amount of work needed is not enough for a full-time position. Those 10-15 hours a week are vitally important, though. But for the already-busy employee, social media will be the first tasks to get shortchanged as they try to keep up with their work demands. You can count on that as much as you can Kim Kardashian posting a selfie.Weekend darkness. A lot happens on the weekend. If your social media duties are handled by an employee who doesn’t work (or has limited hours) on weekends, well, you see the problem.Handing it over to the young newbie. It’s very tempting. Which is why so many companies pass off the social media duties to an intern or the young new hire just out of college. After all, they use social media like oxygen right! While they get social media, they may not get your business yet. Or your members’ wants and needs, or your comprehensive marketing strategy, or your strategic roadmap to consider in all communications. Handing this responsibility to someone because they know how to use the tool is like giving someone a hammer and expecting them to build you a condo.Making blatant sales pitches. These don’t go over well on social media. Especially if you post infrequently, yet when you do it’s an offer about a promotional loan or savings rate. That’ll be crickets you hear in the background. This also prevents you from building an audience, because the audience’s first impression will peg you as a salesman and never follow you in the first place. Top 4 Opportunities to Improve Your Social Media You may be on to the first two already, but you might be surprised by the last two.Get the right tools. If you’re not using a social media management platform, you should start. Hootsuite is the most commonly used. The ability to schedule posts (on all your social outlets in one dashboard) as frequently and far in advance as you want makes it easy to carve enough time to schedule dozens of posts. Hootsuite’s free version is fine to start, but as little as $10/mo nets more functionality and the ability to have multiple users using the platform. If you’re doing anything internally, your employees absolutely need this most basic of tools.At least consider farming out your social media. You may or may not end up doing so, but it is seriously worth considering. A reputable firm can provide the content and expertise for less than an employee salary, and they’re experts. There are downsides, like concerns over getting your voice or complexity of the industry. Regardless, through the process of vetting firms (don’t go with an individual, otherwise you’d be better off hiring internally) you’ll learn what you want and don’t want, and be able to pinpoint a budgetary number on the value.Leverage your existing partnerships/vendors. Use (and choose) your third-party vendors wisely. Some may have a social media presence you could tap into, even if it’s just re-tweeting something of value. There are ways to go beyond this, and here’s where your biggest social media opportunity may be. For example, at Buzz Points (a debit/credit card rewards program) we generate social media content for our credit union clients so all they have to do is cut and paste. We don’t charge for this (or roll it into program cost) since we stand to benefit from enrollment and engagement as much as the credit union does. So you gain a team of social media experts just as incentivized as you are, at no additional cost. Icing on the cake: the type of content fares better on social media than most that a financial institution would typically generate.Do what JC does. Not that JC. Follow @JillCastilla on Twitter and learn from her. This CEO of a small community bank in Oklahoma is the best example of a community financial institution absolutely nailing it on Twitter. She’s very community focused, positive, helpful, and rarely talking (directly) about her institution. In the process she’s built a huge following, created a to-die-for image/reputation for her institution, and even (gasp) drive business right from Twitter.Of course, there are plenty of experts to learn from. Make it a point to read an article every couple weeks to keep your skills fresh. Convince and Convert, Content Marketing Institute, and Marketing Sherpa are all great outlets to find best practices, stats, and insights to build your know-how.1Gallup, “U.S. Retail Banking Study,” 2014 97SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Dante Dominick Danté Dominick is an award-winning content and marketing strategist with specialized knowledge for the financial services industry. He has helped over a hundred community financial institutions improve their image, creative … Web: www.buzzpoints.com Detailslast_img read more

Post-Thanksgiving, is the body of your business in peak condition?

first_img 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Every year ESPN: The Magazine releases what it calls “The Body Issue,” where it profiles the physiques of athletes all over the sporting world. This year is no different, headlined by well-known athletes like Brittany Griner and Kevin Love, but also featuring relatively obscure athletes like skateboarder Leticia Bufoni and USA Track & Field hammer thrower Amanda Bingson.Each athlete details how he or she maintains the physical tools of the trade to compete at the highest level in their respective sports, including a revealing look at the bodies that quite literally earn their paychecks.But why would a business be keen to read this issue? What does a series of photographs and interviews with professional athletes have to do with running a business operation? There are plenty of reasons, actually, but here are three that will surprise you. continue reading »last_img read more

Apple Card rollout threatens traditional financial institutions

first_img continue reading » The rollout of the much-discussed Apple Card unleashed an avalanche of media coverage only a few months after a pre-launch announcement stirred up a similar media frenzy. It’s the Apple mystique. Everything they do is seen as larger than life.But, really, this is about a credit card. How could that be a threat to traditional banks and credit unions? We’re not talking about Amazon in banking.While Apple is very different from the ecommerce giant, the two do share one thing in common: They’re both customer experience companies. Apple has built a consumer product empire upon seeking out opportunities to improve the consumer experience in computing, music, phones and more. Most people think of Apple as a product company, and they sell billions of products to be sure. But always the focus is on the design, the function, the utility, the experience.The company has explored co-branded cards before, and has an existing arrangement with Barclaycard. But the Apple Card is at another level altogether, being a virtual card integrated into Apple Pay, the company’s mobile wallet launched in 2014. As Ben Bajarin, Principle Analyst with Creative Strategies, observes, “The opportunity for Apple to insert themselves into payments was clear with Apple Pay, and extending into the banking arena is a natural progression.” ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more